Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
It was Halloween this week whoooo. No trick or treaters --they rarely do that here in California.  On Halloween night we were on lockdown!!!   We were at our apartment with the door open.   Across the front door is another door for another person living there.  This girl in her high 20"s comes out in her cat costume, pink ears and a tail.  She looked at me and said meow.  I was like what the heck and was laughing and thought that was funny, a girl meowed at me.  In my area there is a street that is decorated for Halloween every year.  The whole street is decorated, it's really cool. It's this really rich guy and every year he asks the neighbors if he can decorate their lawn for halloween.  No cost to them-- he provides everything.   2 years ago we heard it was a Star Wars theme.  This year was a Wizard of Oz theme.   It's literally like the movie and it's really cool.  I took pictures and everything.  This week Thursday through Sunday my companion was sick.  He did not feel good, I hope he feels better.
I think it was from that flu shot that everyone got and now  the whole mission is sick because of it.  Hope everyone get's better.  We have 4 elders in our apartment complex  but we have our own apartment.  My weight is 150 so pretty good.
I did get shoes about 3 weeks ago, got another pair so when I found the shoes I wanted and just before I paid I looked in the box and there were 2 left shoes.  I almost made the same mistake again so I'll get some new ones next week.
We dropped our investigator this week, it got a little too crazy so we are taking a step back.  He can call us if he is willing to learn more.  We didn't get to teach a lot.  We taught a little here and there because my companion Elder Otis is sick.  We just need him to get better soon so we can go out there and work.  This next week better be better.
Here is some news about the mission.   Our Mission President said that in the upcoming months we would be getting more missionaries.  Our mission has 150 missionaries.  In a couple of months we would be getting about 100 more missionaries to have 250 total missionaries.  About 50 sisters will come into the mission so lot's of missionaries world wide.  Everything is well.  The weather is perfect right next to the beach.  It is great--you couldn't ask for better.  
 Thanks mom and dad for your support.
I love you.
Love Elder Bowles

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