Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday November, 12, 2012: Hermana Bowles

Hola Familia:
Awesome pictures that you sent!  I dream of being cold.  Hello to winter which means the strongest rains I have ever seen.  Saturday night as we were walking in front of the church, Hermana Vasquez said, "Do you hear it?"  We stopped and turned to face Versalles and you could hear the roar of the rain coming.  It was neat because you could actually see a front of rain passing down the straight until it eventually caught up with us.  It seemed like just a sprinkling and so we kept walking.  We rounded the corner from the church and the rain began to pound down once we had walked a block.  We saw a couple sitting outside of their house and went up to talk to them.  Thank goodness they let us in because the rain began to POUR with huge thunder.  We tried to start a lesson, but the metal roof made it impossible.  Before I knew it we were literally shouting  above the rain that sounded like a snare drum.  We stopped the lesson cold because nobody could hear anything.  Funny and exciting at the same time.  Who knows how many days it will take for my shoes to dry.
Plumbing is a strong word to use in the Versalles side.  They use little makeshift outhouses that perch over the river and it just floats on.  Honestly, they´re more streams that stay when the river dries.  That´s why the water isn´t that clean because it is used as a dirty water escape.  BUT...amazingly enough, little fish still manage to breed and live in the water.  There are whole schools of fish in the merky black water.  In the Mi Peru side it is normal with sinks and toilets.  I have never appreciated a toilet seat so much in my life.
This week we had intercambios and while I was in another area for the day, Hermana Vasquez went with someone else.  They had an appointment with Boris, a 21 year old who is investigating thanks to his girlfriend who is in Lima.  Boris always has tons of questions when we teach him and last week we left him a Book of Mormon and a chapter to read.  Of course, he read even MORE than we left for him to read :) and when Hermana Vasquez went to the appointment and asked him if he had any questions or doubts and how it was going with his Book of Mormon he said: "I read the Book of Mormon, more than what you left, and I felt something special while I read.  I don´t have any doubts.  I want to be baptized."  I think if I would have been there I would have just about fallen out of my chair.
love always,
Hermana Bowles

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