Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday November 4, 2012: Pictures and letters from Hermana Bowles

Never thought I would have a picture with a machete.  Familia Vego had various coco palms in their backyard that the husband wanted to cut down to make room for a soccer field out back.  The District went over there one Wednesday for service to cut down the coco palm.  The Elders hacked and hacked with their little hatchet and started to push.  A huge Crrraaack let out and the tree fell.  It was incredible to watch!  A member who was with us named Emerson started cutting open the cocos and we drank the water.  I always thought it was white inside a coconut (like milk).  But it turns out the pulp is white and the liquid is clear like water.

I think I got a little excited with the pumas.  To date, I have only seen pumas, turtles, parrots, anacondas, dolphins (did you know there are PINK dolphins in the Amazon?), spiders, and monkeys...
My favorite part of walking down the street is that sometimes people own these little monkeys that they put on leashes so they don't escape and cause disasters.  Either that or you hear a parrot whistling or laughing (which sounds oddly like a person).  We shout "Amora, Amora" to them and sometimes they respond back.

This is the last of the legendary zone of hermanas.  Now all of the hermanas have been taken out of Tarapoto.
From L to R:  Bowles, Vasquez (Peru), Orellana (Guatemala), Gee )USA), Boyer (USA), Unbomirsky (Argentina), Mamani (Peru), Sandovalin (Ecuador)

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