Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4, 2012: More pictures of Hermana Bowles

Here we are in the famous motokars.  When I first got her, I felt like I would fall out the side.  Everyone zooms in and out of traffic because there are no traffic lines and apparently no traffic laws nor seatbelts.  It's kind of strange to see a car now...they seem so big and out of place.

Here we are at the giant "Hose" swing in the "Biodiversidad."  It is about one hour outside of Tarapoto.  We went here with the entire zone for P-Day.  Although there are a few animals in the tiny zoo, Let's be honest and say we just went for the giant hose swing!!  ha-ha that is, until two hermanas fell off.....oops.  

Here are the four of us that used to be in Rama Partido Alto in Tarapoto--L - R:  Hermana Vasquez, Me, Elder Salinas (Ecuador), Elder Arcela (Peru).
thinking about it, it was a special thing to have two companionships (and originally 3!!!) in the same branch.  In Iquitos and Lima there are multiple wards that share one companionship.  President Blunck said it was part of an effort to reactivate using the hermanas.  He says that with the Hermanas, their attendance went up dramatically and now he's pulling us out so we can baptize!!

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