Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday November 26, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
Wow,  Cooper is going to the Paris France Mission-- that will be a interesting mission.  He is going half way across the world.  Good thing I will be back before he leaves to go on his mission.
Now with the duck eggs, there was a family from another district that wanted to feed all the missionaries and you have the option to eat the egg.  I guess they have done it before and they do it every 4 months or so but it was gross.  I have the thing on tape.  One of the members taped it for us.   The reason I could not send it last week was that I didn't have a special envelope to put it in.  So today I am going to get one and send it you.   Bring the whole family to watch it, it is something to watch and it is disgusting.  I did it!!!!
The district is awesome.  I got to teach them two times.  It is a new thing to me but it's all right-- everything is going well.  We are going to have 2 baptisms coming up in our district.  Our district is doing good and working hard.  There are 9 people in our district.  As a district leader I also do the baptismal interview and it is fun.  Everything is going well.
My other companion is Elder Russell and he is from Denver Colorado.  He has been a member all his life and he has been in the mission field for 3 months.  He was in the Huntington Beach 1st ward and he transferred over to fountain valley 3rd just right next door.  In a trio it is kind of tight, we have 3 beds in our room and they are literally like 1 inch apart from each other, so it makes the room kind of tight.
We had a very good Thanksgiving dinner.  A young family fed us a good meal and it was fantastic.  The young family moved in about 4 months ago so they fed us.  It is great to get a nice Meal--l turkey, gravy, all the yummy stuff.  It is nice to get fed by the members every single night-- I am thankful for that.  If that didn't happen I will be doomed because my cooking is horrible.  A good week-- Elder Otis leaves in one week because he is almost done with his mission.  He has been getting sick on and off, I guess it the stress he is having.
I don't remember what happened this week it went by really fast.  It is really strange that I don't remember a really fast week.  I'll send you that dvd of us eating balloot-- it should get there on Thursday or Friday.  Prepare yourself!
Thanks for all the updates mom and dad, you are the best.
Talk to you next week.
Love Elder Bowles

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