Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sept. 20, 2012: Letter Excerpts from Hermana Bowles

Here is a sweet story Kristin wrote about in a letter we received this week:
"Last Wednesday we had service at la Familia Macedo's again.  They bought a house in la Banda (other side of Morales) and are adding on rooms for the kids in the lot behind.  We helped them level and take out rocks and they gave us lunch after.  It was at this point that the modern day miracle of the "bread and fishes" took place.  First out of the pot of rice Hermana Macedo served four missionaries...then her husband...then the branch mission leader and a friend...then herself.  Of course then I thought, "Wow how great that all that rice fit in one little pot."  We sat there talking for a while, and then she served her two little kids...and then the grandparents came in...oh, and then their oldest daughter and her friend came home from school and were served, too.  Wow, wow, wow, wow,wow...the rice pot had no end.  Heavenly Father is aware of our needs down to a pot of rice!"
Hermana Bowles

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