Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday September 17, 2012: Hermana Bowles--"God really answers prayers

Hola Familia:
This week we met a 22 year old who had such good questions and a desire to KNOW......sometimes that`s when you look at people and you can see them in 10 or 20 years as the future bishop, deacon`s teacher, or stake president.  His questions were better -timed than the MTC :)  It was neat because he grew up Catholic, but as we explained how Christ was baptized and how it would be alright if he "baptized again", he began to understand.  THis 22 year old would be the future patriarch!!!  The only problem is that he still lives with his mother, who is extremely Catholic and not open to any kind of change whatsoever.   After the second appointment she wouldn`t let us back in.   We`re leaving a Book of Mormon with him .......hopefully his time will come in the future when he moves out of his house.
God really answers prayers.  Hermana Vasquez and I were tracking down references last night from a "Blitz" that we recently did in the area (where all the missionaries in the zone go and knock on doors in a certain part of your area).   Everything kept falling through and we kept walking walking walking and as we walked to track down "just one more" Herman Vasquez said out loud, "pleassssssse Heavenly Father let us find a family."   The next reference was a man and his wife with their two little kids :)  We taught a little about the plan of salvation and have a return appointment on Wednesday. woohoo.
Thursdy we ate lunch with a new family of members that just moved here from Colombia.  The couple have three little children......who have lots lots lots of energy.  Lunch consisted of the wife dropping off her daughter at school, coming back (lunchbox and everything) because the teachers are on strike, the 3 year old son running around in the quinta and getting lost, watching the tv wobble as they wrestled beneath the tv stand, having the little daughter teach us how to dance, the little son eating lunch while skating around on his skateboard, the little kids playing cat and owner while one crawled around on hands and knees and the other hand fed it soup.....somtimes I see cute little kids here and just wish I could hug and squeeze them.....and other times I want to take 10`s okay. kids are kids.  This same little boy is the one who after sacrament meeting looks at everyone out of the side of his eyes  and moves his eyebrows up and down.
Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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