Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday September 2, 2012: Elder Bowles--A great week

Well, it was a really good week --I better start writing.
Of course BYU!!!  won!!!! I am so happy I wish I was there to see it but in 6 months I will be there to watch BYU basketball-- that will be good.  I am missing too much of byu. Yes I got the package and opened it, it was a temptaion I had to open it. Thanks for all the letters from everyone thanks for the basketball and I will use it today.  Thank you so much  Thanks so much for remembering my birthday I give you hugs and kisses.  Thanks love ya 
This week me and Elder Harper contacted a man on the street.  We told him that we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Then the man said "which jesus do you believe in"  I was like I've heard this a million times so I said to him sir what rumors have you heard about our church? He said "before Joseph started the church he was a fortone teller"  I was like at age 14 I don't thinks so-- where did you get that from?  Then I said the main difference from other churches is we have new scripture called the Book of Mormon another testament of jesus christ.  He said " in revelation it tells us not to add to the book" okay in Duetoronomy it tells us the same thing so you can throw your bible out and put it in the trash.  He didn't believe me I said it says it in there I can show it to you.  He was like no.  We destroyed him by asking questions that he could not answer.  It was good.  but this week was awesome.  This 19 year old guy who is not a member has been coming to church quite regularly.  We asked him when can we meet you?  Last Friday we met with him.  But during the week he texted us that he wants to be baptized and be a member.  We were like what!!! aaaa.  So we met him and reviewd the 1st lesson.  He said he has been thinking about this for a while and wants to get baptized.  It was cool.  He is so prepared to receive the gospel at this time now.  How he got introduced to the church was he was invited by his friend to hear him speak at church.  He came and stayed all 3 hours and liked it.  The next week came he was invited by his friend to come to church with him again.  He came again and stayed all 3 hours.  He really liked it and ever since he has been coming.  So cool he has read the Book of Mormon and feels good when he reads it and he likes it cause he can campare it to the world. so he is so prepared and we are helping him prepare for his baptism. 
Earlier this week we visited the Boyacks and they are members.  The wife told us she is going to ask her neighbor if she would like to take missioanry discussions.  She said yes so we taught them yesterday.  The member told us the wife( I forgot her name) was never open to religion but said yes to the discussions.  The couple came.  They are a wonderful good couple who do the right thing.  They are really nice.  The boyacks told them this is what we want to share with you before you move somplace else this is something that we love and share to the world.  We got to know them-- the husband was catholic stopped attending at age 13, the wife had no religion-- grew up in a home that never talked about it but knew that there was a God.  They have 5 boys. so we taught it very simple and basic.  First we had to get them comftorble in listening to us and they were opening to us in the lesson.  It was really cool.  There was crying, laughter and that moment of peace they felt.  When me and Elder Harper were teaching they were listening and had a desire to listen and know more.  I could see in the wife eyes she was crying on the inside so we showed them how to recognize the Spirt in their lives.  It was really good.  The Boyacks, who are members, bore powerful testimonies on the gospel, the Book of Mormon and families can be sealed together forever.  It was really good a really good lesson the end they really opened up a lot more in the begining they were talking to the members and it was a great conversation.  They asked questions and man it was just really good.  I was happy about it.   good day a good week.  I am happy with this week-- lots of spiritual expereinces.
Love ELder Bowles

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