Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday September 10, 2012: Hermana Bowles

Hola Familia.
What a busy week.  Week of transfers and Hermana Vasquez and I are officially together six more weeks here in Morales.  WOOHOOOOO!!!!  There were a lot of changes in the zone.  The sad news is that the legend of the zone of hermanas has come to an end.  One companionship of hermanas was sent to Lima and another companionship of hermanas was sent to Pucallpa (which is THRILLING news because it is one more place that has been opened up to hermanas now).  Anyway, that means that only 4 hermanas are here in the zone now--me, Hermana Vasquez, Hermana Boyer, and the newbie, Hermana Alvear, that Hna. Boyer is training.  Tuesday has a new name--airport day.  I think between Tuesday and Wednesday of dropping people off, dropping people off again, finding out about missed flights, coming back, and waiting for the new Hermana sent us back and forth to the airport four or five times.  We had the airport drill DOWN.
Service Wednesday morning was so amazing. Went to the Familia Mego's house to help them cut down weeds out back and ended up cutting down one of their coco-palm trees so that her husband can put a soccer field out back.  Who knew it was so much fun to cut down a coco-tree.  Well, it finally fell an ear-crunching-crackling fall and we enjoyed having Emerson, a member, peel the cocos with his machete and drinking coco water.  It was so COOL!  Hermana Mego is now our pension mother,too.  I love being with their family.   Hermana Mego was baptized with her three children by her husband in December and are so so special.
We met one woman this week who as soon as she saw my companion's badge said,  Come in!  Family is always welcome here.  We introduced ourselves and she began to tell us how the old hermanas in the area visited her, but she lost contact because of her traveling.  She has cancer and is always travelling to Lima for treatment.  It was so touching to hear how she wanted to be baptized (and was going to before), but would be difficult because she is always here and there and everywhere.  Had several experiences like that this week which was really exciting.
Jack and Mariela.  hmmm.  one day her DNI will finally finish processing so they can be married and baptized..  I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.  All we can do is wait patiently, PRAY that it goes faster, and help them read the Book of Mormon.
Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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