Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday September 2, 2012: Hermana Bowles--"I am now the oldest sister in the mission!"

Hola Familia.

Yesterday was such a special day.  Thanks to the Dengue Patrol that was inspecting the houses (fumigating and getting rid of water deposits) in all of Tarapoto, the zone was confined to the house in the morning.  Church services were switched to one hour in the afternoon for only Sacrament Meeting.  Of course, right as we stepped out of the door at 3:30 to pick up an investigator and go to church, little raindrops started.  Oh no......We got to the investigator`s house, and when we found out she wasn`t there the rain POOM  came down in a torrential downpour.  Of course...the gifted umbrella`s someone gave us are from a cigarrette brand and so we can`t use them and I was wearing a white blouse.  Fantastic.

By the time we got to the church, Hermana Vasquez and I were pretty wet.  The lights and water had been cut, as usual, for the afternoon, and we took the Sacrament with 31 members. W ith the windows open, no microphone, the smell of rain, my wet shoes, and fast and testimony meeting, it was such a special sacrament meeting.  The Spirit was so strong and simple. Despite the rain, the wet, and whatever else that could be thrown at Branch Partido Alto, there the group of us were renewing covenants.   THAT is why Sunday is so special.

In an effort to find more families this week, our district tried to capitalize on the "Santa Rosa de Lima" festival in the plaza Saturday night.  Went to the plaza taking "free family pictures."  After  a while we bought a 4.50 blue bunny balloon to take pictures with to try and attract more kids with their parents.  It kind of sort of worked....We thought it was a good idea because there are always people taking pictures, but maybe having 4 missionaries walking around scared people off.  Oh well....the ten families we took pictures of will be a good start to this week.  Time to develop their pictures!
Today is kind of a landmark day because it is transfer day....I am pretty positive that Hermana Vasquez and I are not going anywhere....but that isn`t the landmark. It  is "landmark day" because with two sisters going home today, I am now officially the oldest sister in the mission.....and I feel really really strange.  It`s like saying I`m almost 23, yeah, kind of uncomfortable.  I am amazed how fast time flies.

love always, 
Hermana Bowles

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