Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 30, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
My new companion and I are both working hard.  Yes we play sports at the church on P-Day.   Since I am in Whitter maybe one day we might hike up on the mountains.  I heard there are some hiking trails.  As you know I can't ride a bike-- I will forever be in car and we wash and vacuum the car every week.  We are keeping the car nice and clean.  All my shirts are still holding up and they are good.  We wash our clothes at 6:30am in the morning so we can get them done for the day.  It is nice to do them in the mornings. We email at the church because they have computers there.  It is nice we don't have to deal with the people.  I don't think you would want to see a missionary apartment.  Some apartments are clean and some are really filthy dirty apartments.  We have pans to cook and yes of course I have made pancakes.  Some days I would have pancakes and eggs for breakfast-- it is really good.   I get a good breakfast.  I finally got your surprise.   The reason why it was so late is that it got sent to a different zone and took a long time to get to Whittier but now I got it so that is good.  We finally got to do service for someone.  We put together a planter box for her.  We got some wood and cut it and put it together.   So that was fun.
I had a spiritual experience this week.   But first a new investigator this week.  She was not able to meet with us because she is a tax accountant and it takes a lot of her time.   But we finally got to meet with her.   She has met with missionaries before and has been talking with them so she knows what our message is.  The only problem is that she has a hard time understanding the Book of Mormon saying the names and remembering all the stories-- it gets her confused.  We told her that is normal and you are not going to remember everything from the Book of Mormon.  I had the same problem so you are not alone.  She really wants to learn.  So me and my companion are very excited to teach her more.
My spiritual experience this week was we visited a less active family. The kids would go to church and drop them off and the parents would go back home and then pick up the kids when church is over.  So we visited them and the dad was home and we asked him if he had been reading the Book of Mormon.  He said he had not.  He has been really busy.  So I was prompted to say this to him-- I took the Book of Mormon and I used my hand and covered the title The Book of Mormon, all he sees now is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  I said "What does that mean to you"?   He said   "About Jesus Christ".   He has not been reading The Book of Mormon so we explained to him what is another testament of Jesus Christ.  Then I got my hand and covered "Another Testament of Jesus Christ, now he sees The Book of Mormon, "What does that mean to you?"  No answer-- it just totally changes the perspective when we think about the title the Book of Mormon.  Sometimes what we don't see is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  We can get closer to Jesus Christ and God by reading the Book of Mormon which is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  It was really cool sharing that with a less active member.  I would never even think about saying that to a member.  It was really cool.  I followed the spirit.
Well for Skype, my church goes from 11:00 am to 2:00pm so I might do it at 3:00 or 4:00pm.  I will let you know more through the week.  It was great to hear that back at home everyone is doing well.  Me and Elder Assey will continue to work hard and continue to work with our investigators.
 Thanks I love you!
Love Elder Bowles

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