Saturday, May 19, 2012

Excerpts from letters from Hermana Bowles

Moyobamba is a Discovery-channel-lovers paradise.  From sunrise to sunset it is absolutely gorgeous.  The air is pure and clean and whenever I'm lost, I look to see where "Moro" (the giant mountain) is.  "Moro" is my compass...ha-ha, who needs a GPS here?  My favorite  "Discovery Channel Moment" is seeing ants carrying leaves.  I tried to take an up-close shot and it turned out so-so.  These little tiny insects are so strong and carry bitten-off leaf fragments bigger than they are one after the other.  "Chicharras" are an insect here that I heard more when I first arrived, but everyone in a while one pops up.  They perch on tree trunks or on walls and make this really annoying "shshsh" it's a high pitched annoyance.  One got stuck in the house once.  For a few seconds I wished that I could turn off my hearing aids like Garrett does!

Right after I sent the last package, the most beautiful rainbow broke out across the sky.  It was a beautiful, full, overarching complete rainbow that framed all of Moyobamba.  Hermana Rodriguez taught me that dark vibrant rainbows are "machos: (males) and their more transparent partners are "embras" (females).  The most beautiful part of the rainbow was that it was a complete pair arching over the sky.  So gorgeous that I had to write and tell you about it!  I know, quite a moment for the camera but we were leaving for  appointments and so I didn't have it with me.  I stared at it with my head straining out the back of the moto as we drove to the appointment.  I don't think it's a sight that I'll soon forget.

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