Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday May 7, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad.
 Skype will be at probably at 3:30 or 4:pm does that
work?   If that does not work call Sister Burbert.   I
will see you next week.    That would work best for me and you.  I was
writing to you and I deleted it all by accident so I am writing it
all back up.  Well this week went really well and Elder Assey is doing
really great.   We have our investigator and he is really close to baptism.
 He is really really close.  He has been investigating for a long time.  He
does not like to be pushed.  He knows the church is true, knows the
Book of Mormon is true, and really likes our church a lot.  HE just
wants to take the baptismal covenant seriously.  So he is really close.
The Bishop said Steve is going to get baptized when we are not prepared
for it so we must be prepared.   It is really cool aaaaa so close.
Come on get baptized.  His kids were pressuring him--"Dad get baptized."

This week we met with a lot of less actives.   They just have excuses all
the time on why they can't come to church.  Some are I have a  headache,
or my back hurts too much, I was offended at someone or I don't want to accept a
calling.   We shared a conference talk with this family who is less active.
 The talk is from general conference-- being converted in the gospel through his church.  
 you just can't sit around and be a member you have to do the work also.  We invited
them to come to church and guess what, they came to church.  I did not believe they
would come to church  I was really happy for them.  Now the problem is
keeping the habit to keep coming to church.  This is an enduring to
the end process.

We met with this other less active and shared with him the talk receiving
revelation for your personal lives.  He read it slowly so it could sink
into his mind.  He really enjoyed it.  I am glad he enjoyed it.  It was a powerful lesson.
 aaaa so good.   As we met with all of these less actives this
week we would have a conversation and I don't know how this happened, but
we could tie it to the gospel.  So I thought it was pretty cool.  It's
very good to have the spirit in our lessons and in our lives.  The
Spirit just flows in the lesson.  It was really good--we met a lot of
less active families.
The whole mission is doing a deep cleaning in theIr apartments today so we
are going to clean clean clean for 2 hours in our apartments.  We will have a really
clean apartment.  Everything is going great with my new companion
and we are having a fun time.  He is 5 months into the mission and I
am15 months into the mission so I see a big difference.  I am just used to
doing missionary work-- when and how to contact people and doing lessons.
 I try and teach my companion that.
 I hope your school play goes well it always goes well.
Have a wonderful week.
 I love you Mom and Dad.
 Thanks  Love you, Elder Bowles

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