Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday May 14, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad:
Hey how are you?  I got some bad news and some good
news.  The good news is that I am safe and doing good.  The bad news
is that my battery charger is not working.  Before I went to bed I put my
implant batteries in to recharge and it was not working.  It is not the 
implant rechargeable batteries, it's the charger that I use to
charge my implant batteries.  I don't know what happened, It just was
not lighting up and it is not working.  So If you can please send me one so I
can charge my implant batteries.  That is the only bad news.  I could
not believe that happened.

Well I don't know what to talk about because I just talked to you yesterday.
I forgot to tell you also Happy Mother's Day.  I told you about the
experience about that anti guy.  He was nice but it's just He had a lot of
anti books.  It was an interesting conversation and he had an anti book
that tells about what mormons do in the temples.  We told him that it is
false doctrine.  At the end of the lesson I told him " I advise you
to throw that book away, temples are sacred and it is not to be spoken
out of your mouth.  When you speak false things you will be held
accountable to God, don't speak or read from that anti book ever again."
After that we left and never made contact again.

Everything is well hopefully we can meet our investigators this week.
Since it was mother's weekend everyone was so busy.  I hope
things will progress this week.  We have one who is really close to
baptism.  We will focus on that person aaaa he is really close.  We
don't do anything, but his kids are already pushing him to baptism.  His
son was speaking and he talked about being sealed in the temple but
now we are just waiting for you dad.  So it was a shock and funny at
the same time.  Church was really good really good speakers about
their mother's.  You are awesome mom and really good.  Thank you for
being there with me when times were difficult.  You are the best
 I don't know what else to talk about I am sorry I just talked
to you yesterday  THESE ARE DAYS NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN.  I love you mom

 Yes, more spiritual experiences and more pictures on
my camera next week.
Elder Bowles

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