Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday May 21, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad.  
To let you know-- I am going to the UPS store to send
my bike home.  It should get there on Wednesday or Thursday.  I am
getting that settled today.  Don't get mad at me I just have a hard
time taking pictures.  It's just we are so fucosed on the work to save
souls and it is hard to take pictures, I am sorry.  I will get a
picture of my companion and the new car.  I also have a hard
time getting my camra and sending it through the computer.  I tend
to leave the connector at the apartment.  I am sorry I forget.  I do
want to be a photogopher as a hobby to take landscape and temple
picutures.  I would like that.

It was an awesome week.  We were walking to a less active's house and as
we were walking, one of the houses had like 4 different telescopes pointing
to the sun.  I was like what going on here?  I don't want to look at
the sun I will get blind.  They said it's the eclipse where the moon
and the sun cross over.  We got to look through the telescope and see
the moon crossing over the sun.  It was really cool.  Somehow the
telescope protects your eyes and you can look at the sun.  It was
really cool it did not hurt my eyes.  They gave us some kind of
really good sunglasses for us to look at the sun.  If you don't look at
the sun you can't see anything so these are designed to look at the
sun.  It was really cool.    They told us that on June 5th and 6th
3:00pm to 8:00pm that's when planet venus will cross over the sun.  it
will be a dark black circle in the middle of the sun.  So that was
cool-- I will be expecting that.

This whole week me and Elder Assey have been praying for a new
investigator.  We have been trying to find new people to teach about
the gospel.  Yesterday before we left  the apartment we prayed that
we will have a new investigator tonight.  With that faith and
determination we moved forward.  We went by a potential who said he
would be interested in hearing our messeage.  We go by and his wife was
home.  He has a wife and two kids a boy and a girl kidergarten age.  We
got to know about their family and what he does for work.We shared our
message about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus
Christ and how it is here on the earth.  Me and elder Asay hit hard on
how you can have the opputunity to be sealed with your family together
and forever.  We said it a couple more times in the lesson.  The
spirit was so strong in the lesson.  The 1st lesson flowed really
smooth and they had no questions and they felt the spirit.  I said may
we come back next week and share more of our meesege with you?  We
have more to share and more about God's love for us.  He said we can
come back.  And we asked him what do you think of our message that we
shared.  He said I like it and you talked about how you we can have an
eternal family after this life.  I like it.  I know he and his wife
liked the messege that we shared.  I just see it in their eyes.  it
was cool and a powerful lesson.  Since we are able to come back and
share more we have 2 investigators.  Yes!!!  and it's a family.  It
just shows that Heavnly father does answer prayers.  We had faith but
we also had to put in the work.  It was so awesome.  That's my
spiritual experence --God Answers Prayers!!!  
Thanks mom  I will try and take more picutres and bring the connector
with me at all times.  You will get pictures next week.  Good luck with your last week of school.
 Thanks I
love You  Take care.  Love Elder Bowles

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