Monday, April 30, 2012

Hola Padres:
Bueno.....hoy son los cambios y no tengo ni un idea si me voy o si me quedo (Today are transfers and I have no idea if I go or stay)......right now I'm at 50/50 and both halves are for the same long I've been here.  After nearly seven months, I want a new area, but I love the selva so much that I don't want to risk Lima.   It's a good thing I know President Blunck receives revelation and I'll know in about one hour what is best for me.   The training of Hermana Rodriguez is officially over....that flew by fast.
P-day trip to La Huarpia.  We met the Tarapoto zone there and it was so beautiful as usual.
We played soccer in an open field and took lots of pictures.
Querida Familia Mia!
I've decided that to have a family is the happiest thing in the world.   Every lunes when I write and get a letter or when we're teaching a family, I feel so lucky to be part of one.  There is nothing more important than the home....with a mother. a father. and children.  nothing.
We ended up not having interviews because President Blunck this week because he got sick.   The district of Moyobamba went ahead with District conference saturday and sunday.   I loved seeing so many members in the capilla en Rioja!  Of course the minute we stepped out of the combi the rain came POURING down and we arrived a little wet :) but nothing that can' t dry.  I play the piano for Sacrament Meeting and District conference, but for Primary they use a CD.
I had to laugh at some of the things that happened this week.  Hna. Rodriguez wanted to go to Yantalon (about 10 min in moto) to visit a family there who asked us to visit when they came out of their chacra.  Went to visit Katarin first and as we finished with her we tried to flag down a moto to go to Yantalon.  1....2...3......6.....nobody would go and complained about how they raised some tax or something.  We finally found a moto who would take us for our 5 soles and just as we passed the fork to go to Yantalon, his moto came to a bubbling halt...chug chug chug....aah!  no gas.  This put us back in front of Katarin's house and we got out and started walking back down the road like we had just done looking for another moto.  Good news is we found one right after and everything worked out just fine.
We're teaching this family named la familia Chinchai.  We found the aunt knocking on doors when an appointment fell through and now we're teaching her, her brother and his wife, and their kids.  This last week we saw more progress.  The last appointment of the week they had all read their "homework.!"  We did a family home evening with them and another family in the branch and Saturday night they asked if they could invite the same family over to their house to have another "what do you call it night." Yaya!!!  We're working on helping them accept a DATE for baptism.  Patience, love. faith.  I really love being with this family because they read and their kis are becoming so involved in Young Men's and primary and this helps their parents.
"A fin de ayudarnos a guardar los mandamientos de Dios, los miembros de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias tienen lo que llamamos una cultura del Evangelio.  Es un modo de vida particular; un grupo de valores, expectativas y practicas comunes a todos los miembros.  Esta cultura del Evangelio deriva del plan de salvacion, de los mandamientos de Dios y de las ensenanzas de los profetas vivientes, nos proporciona una guia en cuanto a la forma de criar a nuestra familia y de vivir nuestra vida personal. Los principios declarados en la proclamacion sobre la familia son una hermosa expresion de la cultura del Evangelio." (Elder Oaks, the culture of the gospel, March Ensign----find this article and read it!)
Love always,
Hermana Bowles
We finally made pancakes....with syrup!  Granted te syrup didn´t turn out as creamy and thck as it was supposed to, but it wasn´t a disaster either.  Blanquita knew how to make it mas o menos because it´s a lot like a syrup they put over a pastry here called picarones which are a lot like donuts.  Diego (who reminds me so much of Garrett) and I enjoyed our pancakes a lot :)

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