Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday April 9, 2012: Elder Bowles--Happy Easter

Well before I say anything,  Happy Easter!!!  My second one in the
mission.  That's crazy right!!  aaaa.  My mission is moving too fast.
My ward had a easter theme Sacrament Meeting.  The kids sang their Easter songs and the
ward chior sang a couple of songs.  It was nice.  The bishop in the
Whittier ward is so awesome.  He got up and talked about 3 things.  How
Easter was started, what the symbol of Easter was, and how different
people do their Easter traditions all around the world.  It was really
cool I learned some new stuff.  But when the bishop was speaking
he kept saying this over and over.  There were a lot of people there
maybe some nonmembers.  He said the reason we celebrate Easter is the
resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was resurrected and
we too shall be resurrected, all of us no matter if you are good or
bad we will be resurrected.  So it was cool.  The spirit was really
strong that Easter morning.

My spiritual experience this week was with an less active family.  The
wife back in December fell down and broke her shoulder and then had to
get shoulder surgery.  She does not want to come back to church
because it hurts and she might feel embarrassed.  aaaa I try and say nice words.
Hey I have a hearing aid and I still go to church.  Well she should snap out
of it.  You are a member of Christ Church.  Go to church!!!  So she was
in the kitchen and I asked her,  "Are you coming to church tomorrow for
Easter?"  She said UMMM I don't know.  I said okay.  Then couple minutes
went by she came in then I said are you coming to church?  Same
answer she gave us.  Then I reminded her again and said will you come
to church tomorrow?  I gave her 3 invitations-- we will see if she comes
to church.  Sunday came and we did not see her at church.  Man I gave
her 3 invitations.   Come on and you could not get to church?  Next time
we meet her we will be more bold and try to encourage her to come.  I have patience.

Our apartment is a 4 man room.  Me, Elder Henry, and 2 other missionaries
Elder Joen and Elder Wetstone.  So we all share.  It is clean sort of.
We are cleaning it today.  Me and Elder Henry serve in the Granada
ward and Elder Joen and Elder wetstone serve in the santa gratudes
ward.  Right now with my companion he is still waiting for his Visa to
come in.  It is really close.  He said it's here so we should receive a
call any day now.  He should receive a call today then he might leave
on Wednesday.  So any day now.  We are just working hard and contiue
to get more investigators.  The Whittier ward is the oldest ward in the
mission.  It has a lot of old people and few young people.  So that's
what it is like I am still finding all the names and stuff.
 We run every morning for 20 minutes.  It is a rule that we have.  I was a cross
country runner so I am used to it.  It has been a good week this week.
We taught at least 1 or 2 people everyday this week so it has been
really good.  I love it.  That's my experience this week.
 The World War 2 vet was
awesome.  He talked some about the World War 2 stuff, not a lot I
don't know why.  But he gave us this book The Band of Brothers and he
signed it so it was really cool.  I know I will have to send that book
home, it will be very tempting to read the book.  It was really good.

Right now we are teaching 4 families.  So I will let you know
what the update is next week because all the appointments are for next
week.  It is really good.
 Thanks mom and Dad Happy Easter and have
a wonderful day.  Love you.  Follow the spirit!!!!
This is inside Elder Bowles' apartment.  Four Elders live here in Whittier.

Elder Bowles and Elder Henry with a World War 2 vet.  Elder Bowles
felt it was an honor to visit with him.  He signed the book, "Band of
Brothers" and gave it to him.
 Love Elder Bowles

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