Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 2, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad.

Sorry for last week I typed the letter really fast.  On
that day we did not play sports.  Guess what, we have an investigator
and he said he has an old friend who served in World War 2.  Have you
heard about the movie Band of Brothers.  One of his stories is in that. We
get to have lunch with him today how awesome is that.  It's a once in a
lifetime experience where I get to meet a World War 2 veteran.  I am really
excited.  No, Elder Henry did not leave he is still wa ting for his
General Conference was so good aaaaa.  I agree with you I really liked
President Uchdorf's talk.  I titled it The Wonder of God.  I'll see what it
says next month.  I can't wait to read them.  The priesthood session
was intense.  It mostly talked about fulfilling your priesthood duty
as men.  That stands as a point for all men in the church.  Hopefully
they will do their duty as men.  It was really good I enjoyed general
Last week me and Elder Henry received a referral from church headquarters.
 it was a family who is interested in the gospel.  It's a mom and dad 3 boys
and 1 girl.  When I go into someone's home I pay attention to the person
but I look around when I walk in.  I noticed some family pictures and
I noticed a fish tank.  We brought a member with us and bringing a
member makes all the difference.  First we get to know them and we
begin sharing about the restoration.  First remember the kids are
entertained.  You have to get everyone interested.  One of the things
we talk about in the restoration is the apostasy--When there was no
prophet to lead the church.  I gave an example about this fish tank.
I said this fish tank represents Christ's church, the kids are paying
attention.  What happens if one of your kids accidentally knocked the
fish tank over.  That would be bad right and the floor would be
ruined.  (Kids giggled)  When all the water comes out all the fish
come out as well.  Now the fish go their separate ways and what
happens to Christ's church?  There were good people to live the gospel in
their lives but they did not have the priesthood.  The orange fish started
his own Church about baptism, the black one started a church about just
believe and the other one started his own church.  Now we have an apostasy
 Christ's church is not on the earth.
It all flowed really well.  It worked.  the member bore a powerful
testimony about the Book of Mormon that The Book of Mormon is another
Testament of Jesus Christ.  It was really good.  Then  we talked about
Joseph Smith and how he was called to restore Christ's church-- restore that fish tank.
  The kids enjoyed the fish tank analogy.  So it was good.  If me and Elder Henry did
not bring a member with us it would have been a lot harder to teach the lesson.  
We already got the fellowship going and she said she will be friends with them.  So
that's my spiritual experience.  Before we left I explained the Book
of Mormon in more depth and I don't usually do this.  I explained the
book is from God and gave examples in different times of the Book of
Mormon.  It was by the spirit that we have been able to teach that
lesson  so it was really cool.  8 new investigators that day  I know
that's a lot.  This area is really improving  That's my experience-- the
Spirit is the author of truth.
I sent some more pictures to you I know I have to get them on a CD I
am sorry I am trying my best.  I need some more black socks.  I am
starting to get a hole in some of them. THanks   Every missionary has
a cell phone and we call to confirm dinner appointments  and answer
the phone who ever is calling.  I had a great week.  Thanks
 Love Elder Bowles
**The spirit is the Author of change.

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