Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday April 23, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:

My new companion is Elder Asey.  He is from Utah in a city called Roosevelt.  Then a year before his mission he lived in Billings Montana.  Elder Asey is 4 months into the mission and he is a visa waiter going to New Zealand.  Right now with the new year,  New Zealand changed the visa requirements so no one from any religion has been able to get in.  So I hope New Zealand will allow the missionaries back in soon.  We’ll see what happens.  Elder Asey has served in Hunington Beach, Long Beach ( the somoan wards) and now here in Whittier.  So everything is going good.  I like him.  The ward loves the missionaries and we get fed well, very well.  There was one dinner appointment in Whittier we walk in and the table is long and good size the minute we walk there the whole table was full of food.  I was like, are we going to eat all this food?  It was a lot of food-- man we ate a lot that day.  whoo.  This week me and Elder Asey got dropped by an investigator and he said he is not interested.  He was this close to having a tour of the church building he said the reason he is not interested is his wife.  They are Catholic and his wife was getting mad for us coming and teaching him.  He wants to make his wife happy and not teach him.  Sad right and he really respects us for what we do and enjoyed hearing the meassage.  He said we can talk to him but not about religion.  Dang I can't believe Colton is home from his mission.  I know it does really go by that fast.  Too fast sometimes ha ha. 

Yea the church owns the mall --they bought it like 10 years ago and the big two towers that you saw up there those are owned by the church and they also own KSL tv station.  They have a lot of church buildings, temples, all the cars they buy for missionaries.  Yeah the church is awesome.  We have a lot of money and nonmembers don't realize it.  They think we are another church owned by someone else, nope it is all owned by us.  How is it possible?  It is an Ancient law that we follow.  It is Tithing. 

 Everyone knows the church.  I heard this from missionaries that we drive toryota Corolla cars but the BMW companies went to talk to the church saying that we will sell our BMW cars cheaper than the toyota Corollas.  Man but the church was very smart and said no.  Good choice-- Missionaries should not be driving BMW’s around.  We would just brag about it and that would be hard for people to join.  Missionaries drive Toyota, Mazda, Malibu and Ford Fusion cars.  Those are the 4 main ones.

  Yes this is what I love about the church.  If the people really want to know about Christ’s Church all they have to do is read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask God if it is true -- it is that simple.  I love this church and gospel.   No experiences this week.   Sorry, I was just really excited for a new companion.

Thank you Mom and Dad -- I love You.  Love Elder Bowles 

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