Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 2, 2012: Hermana Bowles--1 in more than 50,000!

Hola Padres Mios!

Watching in Spanish isn't so hard, it's more that I miss the voices that I'm so used to. Watched Saturday in English with Hna. Farias and Sunday in Spanish.  Four happy sessions.  Mom, I got your letter Sunday before conference.  It was so sweet and such a "coincidence" to read how excited you were for conference just as the session started. Your respuestas (answers to your questions):

1. shoes are great....they've survived because I have two pairs and boots.....otherwise I know the water would have destroyed them.
2. vitamins? who has seen those in months.
3. pancakes...yet to be made.  But don't's on the calendar.
4. Yes I ate the cuy.  It was hard though because there really wasn't any meat to eat.
5. Piano lessons have been cancelled.....people stopped coming.
6. There are two grocery stores, just smaller versions of what is at home.  Hermana Blanca is so nice and we give her money to buy fruit for us early in the morning in el mercado.
7. Two families are assigned every week to clean the church building

I have to admit that I was trying to think of a way all week that you two could send me cinnamon rolls...... so far I haven't thought of anything.

General Conference was so amazing!!!! I think it's amazing that they speak to such a wide audience all over the world, and yet the spirit can give each and every person what they need. R.E.V.E.L.A.C.I.O.N.E.S. (revelations)  It was neat because to see all of the members who came from all over the District---Nueva Caja Marca, Rioja, Moyo, Soritor.  For the Sunday Morning Session they had to put tent things on the lawn behind the church with chairs and the tv under them because the three rooms in the church filled up.  The Sacrament Room was on the projector screen and two other rooms had tvs.  Irene and Mercy and their family walked all the way from Yantalon!  When they crossed over from their chacra Saturday, Irene (mom) told me the water was up to their waist.  We joked that instead of just using their boots like normal to cross, they had to swim.  Luckily her husband brought their horse and they could cross alright.  I'll never watch conference the same way again from the comfort of my house.  The family from Soritor brought out their juanes in between sessions and had a cute little picnic out back.

People we talk to ask us how we're celebrating Semana Santa this week......bueno.  Yesterday people were walking around with a palmera type thing for their services and there are posters everywhere for the Christ reenactment in Lamas.  I was grateful for the quote by President Hinckley conference in response to why there is not a cross, that Christ can be seen in the lives of the members.  Last night a family we walked by was building a parade type float of Christ on a donkey. I'd never seen that before.

love always,
Hermana Bowles

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