Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012--Hermana Bowles: My Little Moyo

Hola Padres!
First off to answer your questions:
1.  Seasons change---it fluctuates between rain and hot. Technically we`re in winter right now which is why there is so much rain and I guess in July it gets really hot in summer.  As we`ve asked around I think I`ve come to the conclusion that there is only winter and summer but everything feels like spring and summer.
2.   Warm shower...hmmmm. wouldn`t that be nice.  The elders fixed our thermostat for about a week and I turned it on hot everyday because Hna. Rodriguez likes cold, but the switch broke and it`s not worth the bother of fixing or buying a new one because I`m the only one that it matters to and I`ve almost gotten used to the cold almost.  It really isn`t too bad on normal days.  I only notice the cold on rainy days when the sun can`t warm the water at the least.
3.   Sunday classes----speaking of which, I taught yesterday.  The four of us rotate teaching the principios de evangelio class for investigators and converts and less-actives that are coming back.  A member teachers the other regular class in the other room.  We speak every second Sunday, too, in Sacrament meeting.
4.   Transfers what a horrrible word.  We`re down to the last week of the change.  Next Monday they announce transfers and we change Tuesday.  This COULD be my last weekin Moyo, but I honestly feel like I will staying here one more change.  I`ve always thought I`ll be here until June.  I guess we`ll all know next week.  It`s not like Garrett`s mission where they announce them ahead of time.  They tell us the P-day before so there are fewer companion problems.
5.   Safety...yes I feel safe...sure that`s said knowing which areas we don`t go into as Hermanas after about 6:00.  But yes, I feel safe.  We always seem to run into the Elders during the day, too, so that helps knowing that they`re never too far away.
I loved that talk by Elder Holland about the vineyard, too.  I, too, have been learning slowly but surely that it matters not how much time we labor, like he said when we were chosen, but everything matters with how much diligence we serve.  I think before I might have said the same thing of That`s not fair that they won the same wage but needless to say I was sufficiently humbled by his talk.
Hola Familia!
Hermana Rodriguez and I fell back into the rain routine of things of the list we have before leaving the house:
I laugh everytime we go through our list out loud.
No baptism dates yet.  hmm.  Manuel and Yesica are a couple that we are teaching in their fruteria in el mercado.  Their parrot got loose and flew away this week and they sold their goat.  Since they don`t have kids I think Yessica feels a bit childless now.
We had a family home afternoon type thing with the Bardalez family and Rocio.  I loved walking with them up to Rocio`s house.  The two of them were missionaries and are such a powerful family here.  I loved being in between their 4 kids and 2 strollers and then hear Pte. Bardalez and his wife teach about prayer.  I could almost see them back on their missions.   Families are so important!
A woman told us this week that she received an answer from God in her prayer about the trinity that said,  sabes que somos uno.  We taught her about the trinity again and it felt so good to show her wth the scriptures how they are really 3. You could see her begin to understand again and she`s going to pray again.
We contacted a man yesterday outside of a member`s house.  He proceeded to tell us to come by and knock (at the member`s house) and we could share more.  Haha if you are going to make something up you might want to check that the neighbors aren`t from the same church as the missionaries.  We told him we knew the family and we didn`t understand how we`d never met him, supposedly he lives out back.  At least we invited him to church after that.
The love of God and the power of the restored gospel are redemptive and saving.  If you will only allow His divine love into your life, it can dress any wound, heal any hurt, and soften any sorrow.   My dear Relief Society sisters, you are closer to heaven than you suppose.  You are destined for more than you can possibly imagine.  Continue to increase in faith and personal righteousness.  Accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ as your way of life.  President Uchtdorf (Ensign, November 2011).
Love always.   Have a wonderful week J
Hermana Bowles

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