Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday December 22, 2011: Hermana Bowles Christmas card

Merry, merry , merry feliz Christmas!  Hope you're enjoying the cold wintery weather and hot chocolate because I'm certainly going through withdrawals.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Crazy-colored flashing lights are hung up in the windows and mini Christmas trees with metallic tinsel sit in the corners of front rooms.  My favorite tradition that I want to take home is the nativity scenes.  Families save the pieces year to year, but change the scene each Christmas.  They stack the boxes differently and drape the fabric differently.  Each nativity scene is so unique.  The Pichis family in the branch has one of the largest animal audiences I've seen to welcome Christ's birth--tigers, flamingoes, dogs, cats, etc--so beautiful.  I love this card I sent (that has the star shining brightly above the houses) because I can imagine how people all over the world could see the "new star", the sign of the Savior's birth--even people in little "Pueblitos" here in Peru.  It is tender to see the gospel just starting here in Moyobamba.  The power of the Book of Mormon is real!

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