Thursday, December 22, 2011

Monday December 19, 2011: Elder Bowles

Well new things this week.  Lots lots to tell you.  First --skype about 4:00 California my time. Is that good? Okay second-- that is Elder Warmoth’s Christmas tree.  His mom used it on her mission then his dad used it then Elder warmoth is using it on his mission.  The snow we have around the Christmas tree it's just toilet paper and we just tore it up so we made it look like snow.  Now third --snow had arrived in California.  Yes snow!!! White!  I have a picture if you don't believe me.   A big huge storm was starting to come in Long beach, you should have seen it. There was a dark black cloud and within minutes it started to rain like crazy.  It even started to hail really hard and fast.  The hail started to land on the grass so therefore it was snow.  Hail is a hard white ball and it is snow.  Snow in California!  It was crazy --I have experienced snow every year including in California during Christmas.
This Friday we have a baptism.  Our investigator is getting baptized woo hoo! We have been meeting with her a couple times a week and she says the Book of Mormon and the things we invite her to do is making her happy.  She feels much happier and she is getting baptized on the 23rd of December.  2 days before Christmas and even better she will get the Holy Ghost on Christmas day.  Our investigator will remember that day forever because she is going to be really happy on Christmas and that will be the best gift ever to her.  We are really excited. I will tell you all about the baptism on skype, it will be good.
Last week we were going to a member’s home.  They are a good family.  We go there and there was someone already over there.  This person is a Non member.  She knew who we were and has heard of our church.  We basically talked with her about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration.  She is really nice and she pulls out a card that has a picture of Jesus Christ on it.  She said 5 years ago the missionaries gave her the card and she has kept it ever since.  it just shows that heavenly father works in mysterious ways and something so simple as a card that the missionaries gave, she is interested in learning more about our message.  This week we are helping her clean her apartment so she can move in.  She will be really happy for that.  A very good week.  I am going to have a good Christmas.  I will see you on skype  and I will tell you all about the baptism.  Merry Christmas.
  Love Elder Bowles 

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