Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday December 12, 2011: Elder Bowles

Well Mom and Dad happy Christmas.
  The best time for me to skype is after 3:30 pm which would be 4:30 in Utah.  I have church at 8:00am in the morning then that gets over at 11:00 then I have church again at 12:00 and that will get over at 3:00 so anytime after 3:30 would work for me. 
Good news and bad new.  I will tell you the bad news first.  It is really raining hard this morning an it will get cold in Utah and SNOW!!!!!  And last week our investigator Will dropped us and does not want us to teach him.  Here is what happened. We go over there and we read in The Book of Mormon and it was a long pause towards the end. He is like I am not convinced and will discontinue researching the Mormons.  I was like no we can't lose you-- we have to get him back.  SO I invited Will if he wants to know the truth of these things that we have taught you. I invited him to get down on his knees and pray to Heavenly Father if The Book of Mormon is true and if this is Christ’s church.  Will was like ummm (very long pause)  no thanks I will pass.  In my mind I was like are you rejecting the truth right now, if you are you should be ashamed.  I know Will felt the spirit in that room and just could not believe it.  He just thought that God could not answer him on a book .He denied my invitation.  I felt bad. It was very spiritual. But the good news is that a couple days after that we got a sweet referral and she says she wants to be baptized into our church.  Her uncle and some of her family are members so it is really cool. We will teach her and invite her to the waters of baptism. 
Craig Sheanshang is coming to my Zone!!!  I am excited  I saw him Yesterday and he looks good and it is going to be a fun zone because me and Craig know what fun is.  So I am excited.  Don't worry I am staying in Compton for Christmas.  That was my week and I really enjoyed it.  Hope you have a good week.  Happy Christmas!!! 
Love Elder Bowles

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