Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 2011: Pictures from Hermana Bowles

This is part of the walk down to the waterfalls.  There was a rope bridge over a river and everything!

This is Santa Clara.  It's in the other branch but when we go on exchanges with the other hermanas I get to visit.  It's a little "pueblito" down the hill from the regular city of Moyo.  My camera can't capture the real beauty--it is G O R G E O U S.  There is 1 family of less-actives that we vista here.  It is exercise for the day walking there and back but soooo worth it.

Ready to go in the rain.  If I haven't made a point of saying it rains here.....A LOT!  It rains more and more into December and January.  When it finally lets up in the end of January, the river goes down and that's when dengue emerges. YIKES.  I'm still learning to listen for it, but you can hear the rain coming from way off in the jungle.  It sets over the jungle hills like cotton candy pulling at the palmeras.  It's a beautiful gray mist that looks quite mysterious.  Hernana Nunez stops me in the street, "Listen, can you hear it?"  "What?"  "The rain is coming."

Celebrating my 22nd birthday with "fuanes" (back in November).    To celebrate, Hermana Nunez bought  fuanes which is a rice/chicken ball that comes wrapped and cooked in a giant leaf.  Don't worry, you don't eat the leaf wrapping paper.  It makes me think of the Peruvian version of hobo- dinners when we go camping.  YUM

I love the zone tradition of buying a birthday cake and soda for whoever has a birthday.  One week, Hermana Nunez and Hermana Sanhuera both celebrated turning 24 on October 30.  The next week we ate cake AGAIN because it was my birthday.  I'm glad the zone leaders forgot about my birthday because it wasn't on the list of October birthdays and they had to buy a new cake with my name on it, even though it was all in the same week--sweet!

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