Thursday, December 22, 2011

Monday December 19, 2011: Hermana Bowles

WE GET TO USE SKYPE!!!!! I am so happy and feel like jumping around in the street. Wowowowowowowowow. I`ll call at 2:00.....and then leave from there to be stuffed to my limit with another Christmas dinner.

Wow Christmas is only six days away! I hope everyone is enjoying the season with family and the true holiday spirit.

I think my stomach is going to explode this week.  Peruvian tradition here is that you eat a big dinner at midnight and then eat panaton and chocolate while opening all of the gifts.  Saturday we have three different families we are eating with--1, 5, and 9.  (Hopefully there`s time to digest in between?)  Sunday we have another big dinner at 5.  I`m prepping.

The plaza in the center of Moyo is decorated so christmasy.  The trees have tinsel and lights.  There`s a giant nativity lit up in front of the municipalized.  No one adds the Christ child until Christmas day, though, in their pesebres.

This Friday is ther branch Christmas party.  We`re having a talent show followed by a chocolatada.  A chocolatada is basically sweet bread and chocolate.  The primary is going to dance, the young women are singing, the elders quorum and relief society are singing and performing a sketch.  Us missionaries are going to do a rudolf the red-nosed reindeer in spanish and English.

Every time we enter houses that have Christmas lights on a tree, they turn on the lights for us.  Music automatically turns on and its this nasally "we wish you a merry christmas" but it`s so cute to see the holiday spirit.

The hermanas continue with their weekly intercambios.  I was with Hna. Sanhueza again this week after being with the other gringa last week.  It calmed my nerves being with someone older in the mission again.  I learn so much about teaching when we switch.

The hard part about Christmas is that everyone leaves for lima or chiclayo to be with family until the middle of January.  The capilla is pretty empty....but we`re still working hard.  Hermana Nunez and I are excited because we found three new families this week! Hopefully they continue to accept the gospel because it`s parents AND children!  It`s so beautiful to teach families.  In training, we always practicing in a family setting with missionaries posing as parents and children because Pte. Blunck says we need to practice like we want it in real life.....the focus of the mission is families and so we practice with families.  The spirit is so sweet to teach pure little kids with their parents.  They are so eager to learn and help their parents progress.I`ve learned a lot about patience this week...and loving the people.

Feliz, feliz, navidad.
Hermana Bowles

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