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Monday December 5, 2011: Elder Bowles and Hermana Bowles

¡Hola Familia¡
It should be no surprise that it downpoured this morning.  Changed the zone hike up the moro to next week which worked out really nicely when we woke up to a torrential downpour this morning. 
We worked with a lot of people on their family history charts this week.  Families are so important...living and dead!  We have to be completely linked together :) 
Zulema accepted baptism and we`re working on her papers so she can get married! 
We`re starting to work more and more with family pedigree charts here.  It`s really amazing.  We started out working with the branch family history director--figuring out his pedigree chart.  You know, the one who found a card with missing dates of a grandma?  him.  Anyway, we met with him on Friday to show him how to officially enter stuff into the computer.  We`d entered in everyone but la abuelita de su esposa (his wife’s grandmother), but Hermana nuñez had to run to start intercambios (splits) with the hermanas and it was 9:20 approaching our 9:30 deadline!  AAH!  Anyway....he explained to his wife that everyone was entered in but her grandma, but we were going to finish it this next week.  She dreamed that night with her abuelita who was un pocita molestada que no ponìamos su nombre en la sistema (She dreamed with her grandmother who was a little upset that her name didn’t get put in the system).  oops.  Their family really is ready to accept the gospel and it`s amazing to FEEL that.
Met with a menos activo hombre jovene de 17 anos (less active young man who was 17).  We started filling out a pedigree chart with him and his "abuelita."  Come to find out, she isn`t HIS grandma, but is the grandma of his MOM!  Wow!  A gold mine of information!  At one point she started spilling out names, including the 15 names of her brothers and sisters.  We had a paper and just took note of everything before she forgot it!  In onle line, we were able to order seven generaciones!  Talk about incredible.  "Preach My Gospel" says that family history work helps people stay active and we`re really seeing that take place in this branch.  The plan is to use it more and more.  If anything, it gets the current people to know the information about their own families....sometimes it`s hard to just get birthdays and full names of living people and their parents and grandparents. 
We were able to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional yesterday.....the four of us NorthAmericans....in English!  The music was absolutely beautiful
This is going to be a busy week.  Tomorrow we start vacaciones!....:) President Blunck and his wife are visiting us in Tarapoto in Moyo where the zones in Moyo, Tarapoto, and Yurimagua are going to celebrate Christmas together for two days.  Tuesday we`re performing Christmas skits and songs and dinner con presidente.  Wednesday is Christmas games day before we return to Moyo.
Sorry this email is kind of scarce.
Love always,
Hermana Bowles
Mom & Dad:
Hey happy Christmas.  In case I forget I may have said it last week but I will say it again.  Happy birthday dad are you 56 or 57 somewhere around there right?  The ward Christmas party was a bomb!!  It was great with lots of food and I did not finish it all.  The kids were quiet when we read them the story.  It was called the story of the Candy cane.  It talked about what the candy cane meant it was really cool.  My starting weight for Christmas is . . . . . . . .  150 pounds Yes!!!!  I’ve been like that since June.  Don't worry I am in good shape even if the elders called me fat.  They weigh more than me so I am skinny.  Skinny is good I love it.
That is so cool that Andy will get to maybe open another mission in turkey that is cool I wish I can do that.  Mom watch out for dad He might buy a lot of junk for Christmas.  It’s all in the cupboard in the kitchen.  I have to tell you this that on my mission I have to limit how much food I can eat.  If I go past the limit I will throw up.  Last night we ate at a member’s house.  Brocoli with corn, rice, meat and cinnamon rolls. It was so good but I was so full.  Whooo.  About an hour later we went to another member’s house who is Mexican.  Just before we were about to leave the member who doesn't have a lot of money gave us a big bowl of cereal.  This is a big bowl.  I was already full from dinner like an hour ago.  and I was up to the limit.  If you reject the mexican food they will get offended.  So I ate it.  It was good and we left a scripture.   We left and I told my companion, “Elder I’ve got to throw up. “   We walked down the sidewalk, I handed him my Book of Mormon and I threw up again and again.  It was like 5 times I threw up.  My companion was laughing at me and could not believe it.  After that I felt so much better and went back to missionary work.  They key is that you don't throw up at the member house because that would be bad but you hold it down then it will explode like a volcano.  I am sorry if any of this sounds disgusting.
  Mom and Dad you know How you do the 12 days of christmas to someone in the ward.  Me and Elder Warmoth want to do it to the missionaries who live at the same apartment complex and we are going to do it to them.  Can you give me the list of items that I would need for the 12 days of Christmasa?  Thanks
Go BYU yea they are going to be so good when I get back from my mission.  I did not get a chance to watch the first presidency message.  I wanted to so bad but we have to bring an investigator to that if we want to go.  I heard that it was really good.  RIght now Elder Warmoth is helping me send the pictures to you.  Are you trying to make me gain weight!!! aaa it's okay I loved those rolls that you sent me-- they were so good  and yes I did share it with my companion.  I am almost done with it I just have one more bit of it then I would be done with the whole thing.  It was so good thank you 
We have been busy the last three days. Our appointments keep on filling up and we got a less active person to church and he really liked it.  We just taught more of the members not the investigators.  But we will teach our investigator Willie this Tuesday. Hopefully he has prayed about the things he has read so he can know for himself and know what our message is all about.  Thank you for the rolls and the letters that you write.  Thank You
Love Elder Bowles

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