Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6.2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,
  Everything is going well.   Hope Craig is ready for this. There is no turning back now (Ha Ha Ha)   The first day I entered the MTC was weird.   It  is good that the parents drop them off at the front.  Iit may seem a shock but it helps the missionaries look at reality and go forward in missionary work.   I loved the MTC.

I pray for Camie and express my love to her and hope that she will get better soon.   I know Nathan Parker,  he was in my English class omy senior year.    This is something that I can look forward to.    I will see them in a couple of months.   That is so cool two of my friends are coming to the Long Beach Spanish speaking Mission. No I have not recieved any Sister Fawsett letters.   I don't get letters from Dear   I only got those when I was in the MTC.

I am in the Cerritos 1st Ward and got some very sad news.   Last week on Memorial Day the ward was having a breakfast.   One of the members came and ate breakfest and met with everyone.   It was an old couple.   After that they went home and watched TV.   The wife took a shower.   When she got out of the shower and went to the room where they were watching TV she found out that her husband had passed away (Dead) while she was in the Shower.   It was a shock to the whole ward and to us.   Everyone saw him at the breakfest and he passed away on that same day.   That is the one sad news I have.

We only have 1 or 2 investigators, one is a gang member and recently got out of jail.   He wants to change but doesn't think he can do it.   He asked us to come back in a week.   So I have my faith that he will become more interested.   Mostly through the whole week we went by potentials and formers.   Me and Elder Serrano knocked at least 100 or more doors last week and only got 2 people who are interested.   We are not teaching very many people.   This week I know we can teach a lot of people with faith and determination.   The hardest part of missionary work is finding people to teach!

No I have not got my shots.  I was going to get my shots with Elder Roberts.  We made plans to go get my shots, he called the place and said they said it's really crowded.   I said who cares let's get my shots, I need them.   Elder Roberts said there were too many people.   We will waste out time.   So we never went.   Then the week after that we had to take the car to the shop and ddin't get it back till a month and a half.   So I coudn't get my shots.   Now I got a new companion and told him I need to get my shots as soon as possible because I should have got it 2 months ago.   I called sister Burbert and she gave me the address where the place I can get it but I need to call them first.   I called the place like 5 times left a message they havent called me back.   So I called Sister Burbert and told her they have not called me back.   She said she was going to talk to them.   I am going to call her tomorrow and ask her if I just go the place to get my shots with out calling or what.   She knows I need to get them. I am working on it. I  have been trying.

I love you.   Thank you for supporting me.   Tell Elder Sheanshang good luck and I will see him in 2 months.

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