Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,

Wow Kristin is in the MTC, I can't believe it.   Now she knows the MTC.   She is very lucky that she met an Apostle   When I was at the MTC no Apostles came ,just people from the sevety.   The MTC was one of the greatest experiences a person can have.   It was really cool I gave the blessing to someone at 6:30 am in the morning.   It was interesting because the spirit works 24 hours non- stop helping and blessing people.   Last Saturday I received a call from the Zone Leaders and that was if I would be leaving the Area or staying.   Guess what,  my companion Elder Serrano is leaving and I am staying.   Which means I am in charge of the Area.   I did want to leave the area. I did not want to be in charge of an area.   Right now I am nervous and scared at the same time.   I am just not used to things like this.   I am not used to like now you are in charge do it.   All I can do is put my trust in Heavenly Father, and do the best I can.   All I can do is learn from the Experience.  I know I can do it it just I am so nervous.   Before my mission I was more like a follower you know like I am right behind you, now I have to be that leader.   Well nothing new happened this week, I am just staying in this area for 6 more weeks.

Yea I should have a hearing aid on my right ear to help me hear better on my other side.   I know I need a hearing aid, I just need a brand new one.   It would defenitly help me do better in missionary work.   The old Hearing aid that I had was phonak.   I think that's how you spell it. Phonak.   I liked those hearing aids because my old one lasted for 16 years and was a very good one.   If you could get one that would be great.   Thank you. Have a wonderful day.   I willl write to Kristin and Craig.
  Love Elder Bowles.

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