Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28, 2011: Hermana Bowles --Letter excerpts

This is from a letter we received from Kristin June 30, 2011

Mom and Dad:

Hermanas BBB sent our emails earlier this morning and I'm fo glad because now I can write all the letters I want while I wait in the laundry room.  that's good because apparently you can only write letters on P-day.  Sending emails is intense because it's like waiting for a bomb to go off.  A red timer is in the top right corner and when it runs out of thirty minutes, the computer automatically logs out of your account.  the three of us were typing furiously and let out a huge sigh as we pressed "send" during the last fifteen seconds!  Quite the stressful experience.

Garrett was right--the laundry room is huge.  I've never seen so many washers and dryers in my life.  It seems like they run 24/7.  You walk and have to hunt 2 washers for a white and color load.  Of course, they're not empty and so you just find the machines with the lowest time left to go and camp out with your stuff in front of them.  This is going to take a while.  P-day is nice because you can just wear shorts and a
 t-shirt.  Man, is the laundry room packed.  Learned today that a little hairspray and a tide pen can get out ANY stain ha-ha, even blue ink that exploded on white shirts in an Elder's load of laundry.

Hermanas BBB call the MTC "the compound."  We go on walks a lot if we finish dinner early and we feel like those prisoners on movies that pace the outside fence.  I'm just waiting to see someone I know when we cross the street to the fields.

The best thing about the cafeteria are the wraps!  The first couple of days were hard because a lot of the MTC was closed off to the missionaries for the Mission President's Seminar.  Now the cafeteria is all the way opened up again and there are the normal food selections.  I always feel full...they really get you on a schedule.

Love always,
Hermana Bowles 

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