Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011: New Hearing Aid: Elder Bowles

By Karla Bowles

Garrett's old hearing aid stopped working when he got to Long Beach.  We noticed on Mother's Day when we skyped that he wasn't wearing the aid.  We asked him about it and he said it didn't work and then when he had his bike accident it fell off.  He didn't notice it was missing until they got back to their apartment.  They quickly returned to the accident site and their it was on the side of the road pretty banged up.  In letters I asked him if he would like a new aid (he is used to hearing on both sides since he got his implant so I could imagine it was difficult for him with just hearing on one side) and he said yes, that it would help himwith his miccionary work).   Not knowing any audiologists in Southern California, I feel it was a miracle that we were able to help Garrett.  I got on the internet and looked up the John Tracy Clinic--they work with small children who are learning to talk.  I called, but their audiologist's phone was busy.  The web page just switched to "Fidelity Hearing Center" in  Cerritos.  That is Garrett's area right now!  The site showed Dr. DeKriek, AU.D and his office.  I called and they were VERY nice.  I explained the situation and they could see him in the office in 2 days.  In the meantime I called our audiologist Cache Pitt up at Utah State.  Everything he told me to look for in a good audiologist, this guy had.  Cache even suggested a hearing aid.  When I called back to Dr. DKriek, he had already ordered a couple of hearing aids that might work for Garrettt (because he has a profound loss) and one of those was the same aid Cache had recommended.  Wow, to me this was a huge blessing.  I felt so guided the entire time--all the details worked out perfectly.  Garrett's msision president's wife is amazing and I called her with the situation, she texted Garrett with the appointment information and the rest is history.  He now has a brand new hearing aid which will help him as much as possible (he has lost some more hearing, so it is the best we can do until he gets another implant on that side).  I didn't even have to speak with Garrett.  Heavenly Father sure watches over his missionaries.

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