Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear mom and Dad

What more do I have to miss? The cougars basketball, camping, movies that I want to see, and now you can shoot those illegal fireworks in the sky. I am missing too much this year. I did get your box. All the cookies were crumbled that's okay I still put lots of frosting on them. it was so good. I already put up the July 4th decorations. Yea, July 4th on my Pday. I am so excited. I hope you get to see those birds when they will be ready to hatch.�

Last transfer we moved into a new apartment . There are no bugs or roaches anywhere. We just keep the counters clean and no bugs.

The appointment was a shock to me. The night before that Sister Bubert texted me that I have an audiology appointment tomorrow. I was like what do I do? The doctor was very nice and what was nice was that there was a phonak hearing aid. He thought my hearing aid lasted for 4-6 years, I told him it lasted till I was 4 years old. I have been wearing it for 14 - 15 years. I did not know how you paid for the hearing aid, it was expensive. I want to help pay for it so you can take money out my account to help pay for the hearing aid. I really feel bad for you paying for it so I want to help pay for the cost of the hearing aid. The right thing for me to do is to help pay for the hearing aid.

My Companion is Elder Sturdevant. He is from Georgia kind of by Atlanta. He is really cool, tall --he has got to be almost 7ft tall. 'I'll find out more about my companion and will tell you next week. Have a wonderful July 4th!!!!! Have fun with the fireworks!!!!!
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