Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,

Andy is going to Bulgaria!  That is somewhere way out there, wow.   We had a good July 4th. We can't play fireworks but we can watch them. We saw lots of Fireworks pop in the sky. It's like we would be walking down the street and there would be a loud noise boom!! Then it goes off in the sky. And I would go ooooo aaaaaaaaaa ooooooo aaaaa. It was crazy. There are no parades here in California waaaaa. Good thing there is one in Provo every year. It is just fun doing it every year and doing the tradition. I will write to Andy.

The Apartment is clean, we clean it every Pday. It is just we don't have a dish washer and we scrub our dishes every other day. I do my part he does his part and it's clean. My hearing aid works fine I had an appointment with him yesterday doing a follow up. I told him everything is good. It's good. Did you take some money out of my account to help pay for the hearing aid?

Cats are very smart, and when they see something they will find a way to get there and will never ggive up. To bad they got the eggs and they will never hatch so you can see those baby birds. How is everything back at home? I went to the temple this morning and it was wonderful. After the session the temple president spoke with with us and with other missionaries and we talked deep doctorine. It was really cool.  There were some things that I learned. It was really cool. A couple days ago I got attacked by a dog. It was so crazy. I walked up to this person and all of the sudden this medium dog, just comes out and attacks me. I lifted up my leg because he almost bit me. My first dog attack on my mission. We have a car so we can always run back to the car and take off. Thank you for supporting me I love you.

Elder Bowles

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