Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011: Elder Bowles

Well Grandma,

I miss the last HARRY POTTER MOVIE, DO NOT TELL ME! I am so mad I have to miss it on my mission. Well I will see it when I get back. This is the first time when I am not driving. My companion Elder Sturdevant is the senior companion and he drives. But the person who is not driving gets to handle the cell phone. That's me, I get to handle the cell phone, call people or call to confirm dinner appointments, or other things. It's really cool. The genealogy thing that you are doing is really cool. You get to find ancestors of people before you were born that is really cool. You will find out how to work it. Keep doing it. Kristin is in the MTC in Peru and she said the food is very very different. She got to Peru at 3:30 in the morning. I hope she is having a wonderful time at the MTC there. For your information grandma I eat more than my companion. Do you want to know How much I weigh? I weigh 146 pounds I have gained 20 pounds on my mission now I am going to watch my weight. I am out of shape, I am never like this before I was in shape but now I am not. Everything is going good our investigator came to church this sunday and he really liked it. I will tell you more next week.

Love Elder Bowles.

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