Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad
Happy Fathers Day Dad.   Yesterday was hard in missionary work.   It's Fathers Day and nobody wants to talk to anybody exept eat dinner with their family and have fun.   Last week was so crazy and I am going to tell you all about it.   I was on an exhange split with Elder Starta and I got to go to his area.   First we go to the church and we are teaching these two priests about Preach My Gospel, after that we hear this loud shatter.   We are like what is that?   We see glass on the floor and we see a boy.   He got hit by the glass and had 2 pieces of glass sticking out.   One on his shoulder and one below the shoulder.   They took him to the hospital to take it out and to see if there is any crushed glass in his skin.   Then me and Elder Starta went to go see this really less active member.   We go up and he tells us sorry guys now is not a good time, then he tells us he dosen't want anything to do with the missionaries or with the church.   Elder Starta says would you like your name removed from the church, and he said yes, yes.    It was so crazy.   Me and Elder Starta were sitting in the car and it was like whoa that was crazy.   Then it was a long pause, there is something to write in our journal, and we were like yea.   It was a crazy night.

The next day Elder Starta wakes me up at 6:15 in the morning and tells me we have to give a blessing.   We go over there and the person who needed the blessing was having surgery that morning.  Elder Starta was explaining  that it can be only done with faith.   The guy says well since you know all about it then I'll have you Elder Bowles give me the Blessing.   This had caught me off guard and it's 6:30 in the Morning!!!   This guy was huge, 7 Foot high and he was a big buff guy.   I prayed for the Holy ghost to help me give this blessing, because I needed it.   I took a big breath had faith and words just came out of my mouth.   It was a neat spiritual thing to start the day. it was really cool, And that was my first blessing I have ever done.

We continued through the day and this old lady sees us and says you two are very handsome, good job.   And right before I return back to be with Elder Serrano we talked to this lady and had a bible bash.   She  says all we need to do is believe and we will be saved.   Then we said without faith works is dead.   And she says okay then how come you believe in Joseph smith and he was the only one that saw the plates.   We said there was more then one person who saw them.   She was trying to bash us but we said the truth every time.   She ignored us.   Right before she left she said we were following a false prophet and feels bad for us and told us that we need to read our bible better.   It was the most crazy exchange ever.

Yes I did get my shots, now I don't have to worry about that anymore.   Now you are probaly wondering what I ate. About 2 days ago they served us seafood.   I looked at the plate and was like this is gross but I have to eat it.   On the plate it had rice, fish,tomato with this pasta, and watermelon.   One other thing I forgot to tell you that I ate.   I ate what's called Muso.   They are like clams, you eat the food that is in the shell.   It was really gross, I drank some juice down with it.   Choclate cake was for dessert that was really good.   The sisters know I don't like these foods.   It has been a Battle with them like if strawberries were served, they would go, "Elder Bowles Loves strawberries."   One of the sisters told the ward missionary leader that I don't like strawberry cake, he made brownies.   A lot of people are shocked that I am still alive.   All you have to do is get some food into your stomach and you live, genius isn't it.   Some Elders says you are not obeying the Word of Wisdom, because you are not eating fruits and vegetables, and they all say you are going to get diabetes.( I eat corn) I don't believe them I just ingnore what they say.   I am heathy, I was a runner in cross country.   SO, I am heathy.

  That was my week.   Have fun this week Love Elder Bowles

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