Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom, Dad, and Kristin,

I heard Kristin did a wonderful job on her talk.   Was it a full house?   Kristin are you there?   You go into the MTC in one week and as soon as you step into the MTC you will face the reality of Missionary work!    I loved the MTC and you will love it to.   You are there for 9 weeks!!!   All you have to do is work hard and be the best missionary that you can be.   You are making me hungry since you mentioned all that food. You know that I love brownies and cookies (the are healthy ) .

Yea you get so tired on the first day.   By the third day you are brain fried from all of this religion.   Craig will get used to it in about a week. The next couple months there are like 20 something missionaries that are almost done and ready to go home, so there are a lot coming into the mission.   I will have 2 freinds coming and I can't wait to see them.    Here is a question --what accent do you think I have?   For the past month the members in the ward or the people we meet have been asking me,  "Are you Brittish?"    I said I am from Utah,  a Mormon boy.  Everyone says I sound like I'm brittish.   It's strange.

Elder Serrano was born in the church.  His mom has been a member all her life and his dad was a convert to the church and served a mission somewhere in south America.   He has one sister.   He has the same number in the family as we do.   Our ward is the Cerritos 1st ward.   They are helping but it is slow, nobody who is not a member of our church wants to talk to us, they say I go to church or I am a Caathlic, or I am fine on where I am at.   Yes I had a spiritual experience this week.   We were teaching Sister Harding, she is an investigator.   Her husband is less active and she is not a member of the church.   T hey have been coming to church every week, but the problem with her is that she has a hard time believing in Joseph Smith and does not like it when people say " I know this is the true church" she hates that.   I was telling her my testimony about the Book of Mormon and having faith.   As I was speaking to her words just come out of my mouth that I would not normally say.   When we were done with the lesson and left, I pondered and said whoa what did I say in there?   All I know is that she felt the spirit and understood what I was saying to her.   It was cool.   I just had to listen to the Holy Ghost and I knew what to say to her.   It was really cool,  the spirit was so strong.
I love you and thanks.
 Elder Bowles Bye Sister Bowles

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