Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hermana Bowles MTC Drop-off

We dropped Kristin off at the MTC June 22, 2011.  We were suppose to be there at 12:30 but didn't quite finish packing so got there at about 1:15.  Her bags weighed 51 lbs each but she can adjust that when it's time to fly out.  She will just have to stuff 2 lbs worth of junk into her carryon.  After driving by Grandma's house for one last hug, we got to the MTC  Driving through the gate was like old hat to us because we had just done it a few months earlier.  This time we drove all the way down to the bottom drop-off curb by the flags.  Same drill--"Welcome to the MTC."  We were not quite as frantic this time and spent a little more time saying good-bye.  But Kristin was ready to go.  So...with a couple of hugs and tears off she went, between her 2 host Elders, walking down the sidewalk and out of sight.

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