Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday December 10, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear mom and dad:
We had zone conference this week. a couple of different zones came together and waited to hear the instructions of our leaders and our mission president.  It was really good-- there were good trainings. There were some on how we should present ourselves as missionaries when we are with other people.  We were practicing new training skills and we did some practice teaching.  I love zone conference.  They all ways have good food for the missionaries.  Everyone knows what the missionaries will eat.  Our mission president told us we will get 100 missionaries by the beginning of summer.  I will be home when that happens.  This february they should be getting about 20 missionaries and in march will increase to 35 and 35 the next transfer.  So it will be super crazy.  When that happens there will be 4 missionaries per ward so it will be crazy.  Also with this new 100 missionaries 50 of them will be sister missionaries in fact this february there are 10 new sisters that will be coming in.  So super crazy right now.
We got to paint some doors for a member.  She needed help painting doors so we helped her out.  We painted 3 doors so it was good. There were kids in the house running in the house and they almost ran into the door  we were painting.  But all is well.  During this Christmas season it is hard to teach anyone but we did teach, we taught a less active.  I think she will come back we just have to keep at it. We did lot's of knocking-- we usually do knocking at 4:00pm that is when everyone is home.  6:00pm is a bad time it's dark and no one wants to talk to you.  Last time we did it someone called the cops but that is another story.  At these door contacts there were some that were very nice and some are like don't talk to me.  On these that were nice they say I am catholic or Lutheran I have my own ways and I'm not going to change.   These people don't even bother studying the doctrine all they do is listen to their preacher, and if they have studied their church they realize that they don't have the fullness of the gospel.  We got to teach.  It started out slow but it picked up a little.   Kristin comes home in a week--oh man that is crazy you are going to be busy this week to get the house ready for Kristin.   What time does she get back to utah?
Well,  love to you during this Christmas season.   I try and share my love.  No I have not received the box yet but today I am getting new church shoes-- it is time to get new ones.
Love ya,
Love Elder Bowles

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