Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday August 27, 2012: Hermana Bowles

Hola familia.
Zone conference was Saturday with President and Hermana Blunck.  It was funny because Hermana Blunck trained us all on bathing twice a day in the jungle, flossing once a day, and brushing our teeth once a day.  And she also told the elders to PLEASE wash their sheets once a week.   Zone conference was really special because we were trained on teaching the commandments.  Clarity goes such a long way with teaching.  After all, how can someone obey if they don`t understand?  President showed us some AMAZING videos.   There is one on the law of chastity from the church`s site for youth.   IT uses the analogy of playing for the lord`s team from Elder Holland`s address and is absolutely incredible.   LOOK FOR IT ON THE CHURCH`s SITE FOR YOUTH RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
Hermana Vaquez turned 22 this week and it was such a happy day.  Kind of funny because we had branch council and then afterwards the sisters opened up the pots they`d brought full of potatoes, and rice, and chicken and practically the whole branch came and we ate a birthday dinner.   The Branch President bought the biggest cake I`ve seen and we sang happy birthday.   I think within two days we ate cake four to five times with pop.   Branch Partido Alto loves Hermana Vasquez.
Mariela`s DNI gets here this week with Jack`s birth certificate and so we are SO SO SO happy because they can get married and baptized.   The oldest son, Alexander, 7, was a bit mischevious this last week.  Somehow he stuffed mattress foam up his little brother`s nose, Alexis, 4.  Well, as you can imagine, it got all infected, he couldn`t breath up his nose, etc. etc. etc.   Luckily it got pulled out and he`s on antibiotics now and they`re watching the three little sons a bit more carefully.
Love always,
The ward celebrated Hermana Vasquez' Birthday!

The picture of the green wall with the spider I took right before I killed that insect in our apartment.  It grossed me out, but deserved a picture before its death. 

What a great companionship!  Kristin loves working with Hermana Vasquez
Hermana Bowles

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