Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday August 20, 2012: Elder Bowles--I don't want to leave Whittier

Dear Mom and Dad,
Well the big and sad news is that I am being transferred.  I wanted to stay.   I loved the area so much and wanted to stay.  The members are really awesome and I love this area.  I am getting transferred to Fountain Valley tomorrow so that should be fun.  I have to get packing.  Mine new companion will be Elder Harper.   I don't know anything about him so I will tell you next week.  These last 2-3 weeks my stomach has not been feeling good at all. The past two to 3 weeks I have thrown up at least 7 times.  I also threw up this morning.  Not normal.  Sometimes I will be at a member's home eating this really good meal then I will ask them if I can use the restroom, then I  go  in and I throw up really quietly.  The members don't know that I threw up but I do.  I don't know what's wrong with me I will eat food but it does not settle in my stomach very well, I don't know what is going on.  So I called our mission doctor and she told me to get Pepto Bismol, (the pink stuff) and that should settle your stomach and you should start feeling better. So I hope my stomach starts feeling better.  It has been a struggle. 
No spiritual experiences this week.  I  have been reflecting my time serving in Whittier California.  I served here for 6 months.  I remember all the experiences that I have had here, and it has been really fun and I loved the area, loved the people in the ward, and do not want to leave.  I loved Whitter the most on my mission.  It has been a slow week I am sorry.  I forgot to bring my camera to send pictures my bed. 
Yes I got my hearing aide fixed and all done so I can hear louder on my hearing aide.  I am sorry there's not much to say except that I don't want to leave the area.  I loved the members and the experiences that I have had-- I will always remember. 
 love ya mom and dad

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