Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday August 27, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
You went to the mission office?   You were really close to where I was did you know that? Elder Carter and Williams are the assistants to the president.  Elder Carter is awesome and I love him as a missionary.  Elder Williams was my zone leader in my last area.  He can sometimes be demanding but is a good missionary.  Don't worry, I will be sending you pictures because it is now working.   Well I can't wait to see what is in my special box!  I have to wait for the zone leaders to pick it up.  Is it a video game for me to play? a new cell phone? Oh I know an ipod ha ha ha.   Just kidding-- I think it would be hard to get stuff for a missionary because it is just religeous stuff for 2 years and all those years I didin't like clothes but now I have no choice clothes --yaaaa yuckkkk.
I am all better that pink medicine definitely helped me a ton.  My stomach was not cooperating.
Anyway, I miss Whittier-- I loved the people and loved the ward.  It's my favorite ward in the mission.  I loved Whittier and am definitely going back after my mission and visit the people. Whittier was awesome and I didn't care how hot it was I just loved the area-- very sad to leave it.
Well I am in Huntington Beach-- in the Fountain Valley area.  This is a lot like Utah, there are a lot of LDS people down here.  It is like there is a Mormon family on almost every street-- it is awesome.  There are a lot of kids, a lot just like Utah.  It was a noisy Sacrament meeting.  Go BYU!!!!  We are going to win.  A lot of the families in the ward are BYU fans so I ask them about BYU and know the updates but still keep me posted.
 My companion is Elder Harper.  Elder Harper is from Preston Idaho.  He was born in utah then moved when he was 10 years old to Preston and lived there ever since.  Elder Harper is 6 months into the mission.  This is the first time he has taken over an area.  He didn't know which people to vist so I am trying to help him out.  He is taking me to all the members so I will know everyone's face and get to know the area as fast as I can. Elder harper is cool I like him, we get along good.
 Yes there was a baptism last Saturday and it was really good. She was so prepared.  She knows the bible front and backwards really well.  The story how she got introduced was she was working full time and I think it was her neighbor asked if  she will watch her son while she goes to work.  The family was Mormon.  They never invited her to church over the last 4 years but by their good examples and standards they had set, she began to investigate their religion.  She read Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, and of course the Bible.  Before she was baptized the Bishop asked her how do you know this is the true church?    She replied I just know this is it.  Pretty cool right.  It was a great baptism, and a very good confirmation.  She had a wonderful blessing.  She is a good lady and a very good person who was seeking the truth.
Every morning we would run to the beach and it is a wonderful run, I enjoy it very much.  Everything is going well.  Down by the beach it gets 80 with a breeze so it is nice, and when the sun goes down it gets nice and cool.  It was a100 degrees in Whittier so this is nice, I love it.

Tonight we have a couple of lessons,  made some good contacts on the street and trying to get this area moving forward and getting ready for take off.  Let you know more on the update next week.  I am sorry I write so little I hope this was a lot of information for you.  I love being a missionary.
Love ya mom and dad
Elder Bowles

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