Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday August 20, 2012: Hermana Bowles--A visit from Elder Torres of the Seventy

Hola Familia.
Had to leave our house for about 15 minutes this morning because they were coming around and fumigating for dengue.   Everyone was outside sitting on the curb just waiting for the dengue spray smell to leave.   Once the spray went down inside we could go back in.   That was definitely a first experience.   Dengue has been really strong lately and so now I feel safer.
Something I forgot last week is that I had my first translating job!   haha......There was a special seminary and institute teacher training broadcast, but no translater.  The District President asked for one of the missionaries to come and translate and that`s when the zone leaders called. me.  Translating was something I`ve always wanted to do, but I have to admit that it was a bit harder than I expected.   The hard part was that there were no pauses and it was live.   In other words, someone would be speaking in English (with the volume really low), and I would have to listen and speak in Spanish what they were saying at the same time.   It`s hard, too, to translate right after the moment, because after I`d translate something the speaker would continue and I realized a better way to say something after.Of course when you`re talking, you can`t hear very well so then I ran into the problem of losing what the person was saying in English because I was translating and it was this vicious little language cycle.   After over two hours of sitting in the front row with the microphone, the translating adventure ended.   I`m not really sure how much of what I translated was understandable, but Hermana Vasquez said she could understand and they got the point.........I sure hope so :)
This week was really special because Elder Torres, one of the 70 came and we had a special meeting with him and 3 zones--tarapoto, yurimaguas, and moyobamba. Wednesday morning was incredible because Elder Torres, his wife, and President and Sister Blunck all spoke.   They talked a lot about our personal conversion and the WHY of why we do things.   Elder Torres tauught how to study better in the scriptures and gain more than just historical knowledge which will not be sufficient to sustain us.   Elder Torres has a look in his eyes of love that is indescribable.   He spoke a lot about how our faith determines what we will acheive and shared many wonderful fantastic experiences, One of my favorite things that he said right at the end was, "You can acheive what you want. Father in Heaven blesses us with our desires. The blessings of your missions will be seen YEARS in the future.. When I was a boy in Colombia, my dream was to one day fly in an airplane. Now as a member of the seventy, I have lost count of the number of planes I have boarded."
Had several experiences this week where I KNOW that transfers are by revelation.   It is such a beautiful thing to know that Heavenly Father plans for each of us so individually.
Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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