Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday August 11, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
Yes I felt the Earthquake.  It was so awesome!!!   We were in our companionship study and all of the sudden our room rocks back and forth really quick.  It lasted 2-3 seconds but so cool --it was the first one that I had experinced.  Totally cool.  This week I was sick because I ate this big huge burrito called the giant.  It is really good and big and then a day later I got sick.
This week me and Elder West have been preparing for the funuel of our recont convert's brother who died at the hospital and we were also preparing for the baptism on Saturday the 11th.  First the funeral.  I called her on Monday and asked if she needed help.  She was like yea so we went and helped her out with the program.  We got to go to the funeral and it was on Thursday around 11:00am.  It was really good.  Me and Elder West had the opputunity to go see the viewing but I thought about it first and said no I won't go to the viewing and see him, that's for mostly family and close friends.  I just saw him when he died and that is good enough.  So we waited.  Right before the funeral started the family member who's son died walks in the chapel then right behind the casket.  I will never forget this moment.  It was held at an LDS building and most of the people were nonmembers of our church.   We were glad to help them out with the funeral.  It was a really good and spiritual moment.  The opening song was "oh my father" then a member of the ward who sings acappella, a really good singer, sang for the family Amazing Grace.  It was super good.  After that, the recent convert went up and told about the man and the wonderful life that he lived.   Then the Bisop went up and taought the plan of salvation, and the purpose of life.  He spoke straight from the bible only and used bible scriptures it was all correct doctrine.  It was really good, I was impressed.  Then when it was over everyone sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again.  Then everyone stood up and paid their respects to this person who died.  They walked out and headed for the burial site.  It was really good.  A good spiritual day.
The happy news is our investigator Nicole got baptized last Saturday and got the gift of the Holy Ghost Sunday.  It was so good.  She has been with missionaries for like 2 years and it had finally come.  She has made that step and it was such a good baptism.  The church will continue to go forward and forward. It was really good.  Busy week yes, spiritual week yes, and a good week yes.  Thank you mom and dad.  I love you.  That is what happened this week and my spiritual experience was the funeral-- that there is a purpose in life. We don't come to earth and live for 80 plus years with out any purpose. There is a purpose and it is to live with our Heavenly Father some day.
 Love Elder Bowles
I would like a basketball or a soccer ball for my birthday.  Something to play during sports.  Thanks.

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