Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday February 27, 2012: Elder Bowles

Mom & Dad:

That's awesome ha ha.  I am famous yes that is so cool how did that
happen?  I am special.  Yes I know that apartment was disgusting and I
told president about it.   He said from now on that apartment won't
be disgusting so I guess he checked it.   I am never
going back there.  Yeah I am feeling better.  Being sick on the mission
is not fun.  I am still taking my vitamin pills so everything is doing
 Ready for my crazy experiences?  I was driving and all the
sudden the tire popped.  The car was beeping and said I needed more
air in my tire.  Tire pressure are supposed to be at 32 but it was
at two, so I go out and check it and it was completely flat to the
ground.  I didn't even hear it or feel it pop.  The air just quietly escaped.  
 uses all of those and sometimes he pushes hard on the gas
Did you know that spare tires are small and they are not the
same size as the normal tire?  A guy who was a mechanic saw us and
helped us out.  We wanted to help him and as we were about to he said
missionaries don't help me I don't want you to get dirty just sit
there and watch I'll do it.  He knew we were missionaries from GOD and
he wanted us to be clean.  He was very nice.  He changed our tire and
I gave him a card about Jesus Christ.  Me and my companion thanked him
and we were off to Pep boys.  I didn't think it would take long to change a
tire but we were there for 1 hour and half.  We got there at
8:00pm at night and did not leave till 9:30 at night.  So it was a
long time for them to get the tires off and back on.  A crazy night.
but good thing we're okay.

We did not teach anyone but I witnessed something really cool.  SInce
I have been out for a year sometimes some missionaries don't take
action till the have a physical evidence facing them.  For example the
gas prices are going up high like crazy.  Here it is $4:30 a gallon and I
learned this before my mission that in order to save gas you try and
eliminate the use of air condition, heaters and don't slam your foot on
the gas pedal.  Air condition and heaters take
up gas because you need gas to have those things work.    Some missionaries
push down the pedal and don't know they are  wasting gas.  Like 3 months ago gas was
not expensive so everyone would drive fast.  Now they  see that gas is
expensive, ( now they see that physical evidence) and they  do everything
to prevent using more gas.  It is very interesting.  They changes 180
on that.  It was something I learned this week.  Revelation I think!
Thanks mom and Dad I love you. 
Elder Bowles

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