Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday February 20, 2012: Hermana Bowles--Another Beautiful week in Moyo

¡Hola Familia!

Another beautiful week in Moyobamba.  The skies were especially
beautiful this week.  I feel like I`m realizing all over again how
beautiful Moyobamba is because Hermana Rodriguez is
still so new and says "wow" and "how beautiful" every time we walk
down the street.

This week we had zone conference and President and Hermana Blunck came
to Moyobamba!  They really love the missionaries and it was like
having "parents."  We had lots and lots of practices and I know the
training really helped Hna. Rodriquez and I become better teachers and
adapt to teaching together.  We focused on not teaching to "describe"
things to people, but asking people questions to help them "discover"
for themselves.

Two nights this week Moyobamba decided to repair the electricity lines
in various sectors.  This meant there was no light from about
6:30/7:00 until 10:00.  In the picture, you can laugh because we
pulled out the birthday candles I brought with me and we had daily
planning by birthday candle light.  As we were walking back for the
night from our area of the city that had light back to our apartment,
you could see the weirdest phenomenon.  There we were walking in
normal lammplight and what loomed ahead was a dark curtain of
darkness....and really it was a curtain.  As you looked ahead two
blocks to the park in front of our house, you really couldn`t see
anything.  We started talking and pulling out all of these analogies
how many of our appointments that day had been with less-actives who
for one reason or another had left the gospel.  Many are having
problems and ask us what they should do and the answer is always the
same:  If you want to enjoy the light, you have to live in the light.
We were scared walking into the darkness with my little flashlight
because the curtain was so overwhelming.  It is so much like the
gospel..... come to the "light".....don`t venture into the "scary
darkness". Really missionary analogy, I know, but it was such a real
life example after the appointments we`d had that day.

We ran into a lot of "Bibe Bashers" this week which is making us work
that much harder this week to find people who are really interested.
The branch is progressing and I learned to appreciate the service of
any love everyone like the faithful member they could be.

Love always,
Hermana Bowles
I asked Hermana Bowles a few questions and these are her replies:
1. What is the yummiest treat you have eaten in Peru?
     My favorite pastry is called a pionono.  It`s a lot like a
cinnamon roll because it`s a sweet cake roll with caramel called
"manjar" in every layer.  You can buy them vor .50 to 1 sol depending
on where you go.
 2. What is the best dinner or main dish you have eaten?
I have two favorite main dishes here:  Aji de gallina ( shredded
chicken with this yummy chicken salsa spread over rice with a boiled
egg on the side) and pollo de moni (it`s chicken with a delicious
peanut sauce served over rice). mouth is starting to water
thinking about those dishes.
3. Tell me about Hermana Rodriquez.
Hna. Rodriguez is great....and loves learning English.  I`m so glad
I`m companions with a go-getter.  Her father is a doctor and her
mother is a nurse part time at the jail.  She has three sisters and
everyone but her dad is a member.  Her mom is a temple worker
Wednesdays at the Mexico City Temple where her sister was sealed in
December right before she left.  We`re still getting used to the ebb
and flow of teaching together but I`m so glad she loves working and
being obedient, too.

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