Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear mom and dad,
 Which do you want, first the bad news or good news.  I'll
give you the bad news.  I got sick this week.  Waaaaa.  Me and Elder
Warmoth went to pick up dinner at a member's house.  As we were talking
I didn't feel good.  I was just bending over and was about to throw up
in the house.  I told Elder Warmoth to wrap it up because I got to throw up.
After we left I went out of the house and threw up. blaaa on the
street.  It was quite a big one.  It got all over my shoes and pants.
That's missionary life.  SO I was sick that night and stayed in the
apartment Wednesday night all Thursday and my stomach was feeling better
on Friday.  It is not fun to be sick when you are a missionary because
you can't go out and do missionary work.  It was bad and this is the
first time I have been sick on my mission.  So that is the bad news.

The good news is me and Elder Warmoth taught a really good lesson to
an investigator.  It was a good spiritual lesson.  Her name is Martha
and Martha is looking for a church that has a modesty standard, is
peaceful, studies the scriptures together and everyone supports
each other.  So we told her that what she said, our church has.  I felt
prompted to share with her a song we sing at church.  The song is I am a Child of God.
 We explained that God loves each one of us and wants
everyone to partake of his gospel and I am a child of God teaches us
that God really does love us.  It was good and at the end of the
lesson she almost cried, it was so close she was a bout to but didn't
want to because we were there.   I never knew how
powerful a song can be.  I hope she will come to church and she will
see it for herself.  That's my week this week.  so it was really
So you want me to get my suit here.  okay.  It will be black.  I don't
have time today to get it but I will have time next week to get my
suit.  I will get it next week.  Mom and Dad if possible can you email
me Andy's Address in Bulgaria?  I forgot to write him a letter
last week so I will see what happens.  You are the best I love you mom
and dad you are a great example to me thanks.  I will look for a CD
and try and put my pictures on it.  It might take like two to 3
weeks.  Thanks I love you I will continue to work hard.
Thanks--Love you
Love Elder Bowles

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