Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 7, 2012 Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
 First thing before I forget.  My black suit is
starting to rip and I am getting too big for it.  SO I need a new
black suit.  DO you want to send me one or do I buy one here.  It is
probably cheaper in Utah.  
Everything is going good.  First off The
superbowl aaaa.  Do you realize when I am on my mission I miss 3 super
bowls?  Even though I don't watch it I miss 3-- one in the MTC and 2 on
my mission.
 Yesterday was the superbowl man nobody wants to talk to
you.  Everyone got their eyes hooked on the T:V  and watching the most
important game of the year.  So we can't knock on doors people might
get mad at us, can't go by members  we will interupt them watching
the superbowl and we might lose their trust so the most effective
thing we can do right now is ITL.  ITL is when we walk down the street
and talk to people about the gospel.  Sometimes we will give them a
card and then walk away.  Not very many people on the streets.  It's
better than nothing.
 When we found out Maria is avoiding us and went
back to her old ways Elder Warmoth was really mad and said we are
held accountable for that.  He was upset.  I just couldn't focus that
night so I told him that we are not held
accountable now forget about that.  He said Elder Bowles she is our
recent convert that we baptized.  Then I said we followed the spirit
and she was ready for baptism--  we are not held accountable for that.
At  some point in her life she will remember that the gospel blessed her life
and that's where she found the most happiness.  She has AGENCY.  It was intense that
night so it was interesting.  
 No spiritual experiences but this
week I was talking to this one person and I may be related to them.
She saw my name tag and said Elder Bowles I know a Bowles.  He was the
Principal at hamilton middle school and we used to call him daddy
Bowles.  Dad are there any friends or people in our family with the last
name of Bowles and that was a principal at hamilton high school?  I thought
it was really interesting and said I don't know I will find out.  So
that is good.  That was it for the week.  
Thank you and Love you
Elder Bowles

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