Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 7, 2012 Hermana Bowles--Goodbye Hermana Nunez

Hola Familia.
What a week.   Little Manuela was baptized on Saturday.   She and her mom (who is less-active) are coming back bit by back, although it's always a process.   I loved how eager she was to be baptized.  She kept talking about how good she felt J
Zulema finally had her baby!!!!!   We helped at her baby shower this week and had a good laugh dressing mothers with balloon babies  in newspaper outfits.   She had a little boy Saturday afternoon.
Visited Mama Enith this week like always (she was baptized back in October).   We've started reading the Book of Mormon more with her lately with her son.   This last week we read 1 Nefi 1 and at the end started talking about faith.   I asked her if she had any experiences with faith and she started telling us a neat thing that happened this week.   Enith sells food en el mercado, but to buy all the food to start she needs 150 soles.   She hasn't been working for a while because she's been sick, but finally was well enough to start up again and they needed the money.   She took her 100 soles to the mercado in the morning to buy everything on her list, knowing that it would be tight because she was short.  To make a long story short, she kept checking her list to see what whe was forgetting, but she had bought everything.   Paid the moto to go back to her house and realized that after she paid the moto, she still had 49 soles.  Somehow she bought everything she needed with only half of what she had, and a third of what it normally takes.  Heavenly Father takes care of his children.
This week Hermana Nunez ended her mission.   She left Sunday right after church for Tarapoto and Lima.   She'll fly into Cartagena, Colombia on Tuesday.  I couldn't have asked for a better trainer and companion.  In the meanwhile I've been passed between members and las otras hermanas misioneras.   It's strange, but I still keep looking over my shoulder or at my side and Hna. Nunez isn't there.   Hermana Nunez taught me such a deep love for the scriptures and I always loved during our study time when she would be reading and all of the sudden say something like "wow that's so cool" or "las escrituras son lo maximo" ("The scriptures are the best")or "oh ahora entiendo."  ("Oh now I understand")  This next little while will definitely be a time of growth.   We took a picture of her legendary feet before she flew out.   That scripture of how blessed are the feet of those preaching the gospel or something like that comes to mind.
Scary news.  I am training the next two changes!   AAAAHHH!   President Blunck told me in interviews on Thursday and I still don't think that it has hit yet.   My nuevita  companera arrives Wednesday morning direct from the CCM-mision offices in Lima.   Don't know who she is yet or where she's from, but I'm having a lot of faith right now.
Thanks for all your love from home.
Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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