Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012: Elder Bowles--Dirty apartments!

Dear Mom and Dad:
Man oh man,  wow you are getting to know the missionary moms.   Remember Jimmer Ferdette the Legendary basketball player from BYU!?   Elder Pecht is the new Jimmer.   He is really good at basketball just like Jimmer. I am really close to him when I play basketball then he just shoots really fast and makes it.   He is really good.   He is a good kid and works hard.  He is fun to hang out with.   Yes I got your Valentine package thank you.   I got the cake.  The cake melted on the way here.  All the frosting was on the plastic tray.  So the cake was upside down the whole time.  It still tasted great.  Thank You I have such good parents.
Next week I am going to get my suit because Elder warmoth wants to play basketball today.  We didn't play last week because we were playing soccer with someone.  SO we will play basketball today and next week for sure we will get the suit.  Good thing I  only wear my suit once a week. NO missionary experences this week.   It just went by really fast.  But do you want to hear something disgusting?  My companion is a district leader and he has to go on exchanges with the Elders in his district and the zone leaders do the same but with the district leaders so I went into the zone leader's area and the zone leader went into mine.  Our apartment is nice, and small.  Our apartment is not that big but it is clean.   When I walked into the zone leader's apartment it was really dirty.  It has not been vacuumed for many months.  It was really dirty.  I am supprised no cochraches are in the apartment.  In the kitchen there were 6 trashbags not even taken out.   The bathroom was disgusting-- The sink is black and the shower is full of mold.  Yes yuck I know.   I showerd for 5 minutes in there.   It was the dirtiest apartment ever.  That's all for the week.  I saw some nasty dirty things.   Some missionaries don't know how to take care of themselves, good thing our apartment is clean-- I am glad.  Well Thank you,  I loved the valetine gift.  I love you. I will have more next week.  Keep me updated about BYU!!!!  
Love you Elder Bowles

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