Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday October 22, 2012: Hermana Bowles--Hermana Vasquez and Hermana Bowles have another transfer together, Woohoo!

Hola Familia:

Marvin was baptized this week!  It was really neat because his friend, Jose, who gave us the reference was able to be the one who baptized him Saturday AND confirmed him Sunday.  It was a touching experience for the two of them.  Jose is preparing for the mission and helped his friend Marvin a lot.  Marvin`s mom came to his baptism and isn`t a member, but says that she really appreciates the positive influence all of this is having on her son.

There are these two ladies we are teaching that we have become attached to......Hermana Enith is the mom, well, grandma....and has been such a sweetheart.  This week when we went for the third lesson she had read in her folleto (pamphlet) and when we asked her what she had read, she told us that she felt like Joseph Smith because she was confused, too.  She came to church the first time this week and found some of her friends in the chapel.....It was funny because right there in Sacrament Meeting her friend asked her when her baptismal is and Enith said something like, "Don`t rush me into this baptism thing, I`m still visiting."  She`s such a happy person and tells us all about how she really wants to know the truth.  Hopefully we can help her find her answer this week.

So hermana vasquez had the brilliant idea to ask this "costurera" (i don`t even know the word in english now but it`s the lady who makes clothes?) to make us some skirts.  Mine died months ago and I only use them out of necessity and we`ll be going to buy fabric today to have some skirts made this week (don`t worry....she`s reliable and is making all of the formals for the girls going to this huge church dance this week)......there`s money on my card, right?
Last night we had a family night at one of the member`s house and at the end of everything we started playing hot potatoe (la papa se quema).  As we were playing the grandma went into her kitchen and returned with two plates of arroz con pollo y papas.  She said, "I couldn`t let you settle with burned are some good ones!"  how yummy.

Hermana Vasquez and I found a mouse in our house this week.  We`re going to buy poison for it today, but I`m kind of afraid to poison it after what happened to the dead squirrel that got stuck in your wall and stunk up your entire house.....we`ll have to come up with a good plan.  However, we`re still trying to figure out how a mouse got into a second story in the first place.........

I guess you should know that I have seriously been considering straightening my hair here.  Everyday the frizz and the texture is a battle that I am losing.   As noted in pictures, the usual-do is a sad clumpy braid down the side because it is the only thing that somewhat manages the lion`s mane.   Input??????

Did I mention that Hermana Vasquez and I have another transfer together?!?!  Woohoo!  I am so so happy about that.  We`re really seeing fruits of our efforts here and are hoping to help the ward stabilize. 

Love always,
Hermana Bowles

Hermana Vasquez and Hermana Bowles in Iquitos

Marvin got Baptized by his friend.

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